Focusing on scientific knowledge of medicine, encyclopedia famous medical network completed round B financing of ten million US dollars


According to the investment community (wechat ID: pedialy2012), Beijing Encyclopedia KANGXUN Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of round B financing of US $10 million level. This round of financing is led by Qianji capital, and blue Chi venture capital, the leading investor of round a, continues to follow the investment. This round of financing will be mainly used to improve the content database of medical knowledge atlas, establish the copyright protection mechanism, expand the resource database of doctors and experts, build the Internet hospital and land the application of artificial intelligence technology.
Founded in May 2010, encyclopedia medical network has always focused on the production and application of authoritative medical popular science content. It is the earliest and largest platform for the production and dissemination of professional medical popular science content in China. It has produced China’s largest medical knowledge map with independent copyright in 8 years, and is the only designated website of “National Health Commission authoritative medical popular science project”. Its core management team comes from Berkeley National Laboratory, Peking Union Medical University, Alibaba, China health media group, etc., and is composed of expert teams of medical, Internet and health media.
Health and medical knowledge has become the first demand of the public for popular science content. However, the main channel for the public to obtain popular science knowledge – the health and medical content on the Internet platform are mixed, users can not identify the authenticity of the content, resulting in serious social problems. In the field of medical popular science content, the production mode of UGC (user produced content) can not only bring the increment of high-quality content, but also produce more massive information garbage, which makes users at a loss. In the face of this social pain, since its establishment, encyclopedia doctors have adhered to the production mode of PGC (expert production content), established a professional medical team of more than 100 people, combined with top 100 top three class hospitals, and cooperated with more than 10000 chief doctors, focusing on the production and creation of a large number of high-quality, practical, structured and systematic medical popular science content with independent intellectual property rights.
In the past ten years, encyclopedia doctors have established a huge content base of medical science knowledge, covering diseases, symptoms, medicine, examination, treatment, surgery, nursing, rehabilitation, nutrition, public health, first aid, traditional Chinese medicine and other professional fields. The content of its production has been widely used by Baidu Baike, today’s headlines, Tencent medical books and other platforms, while its content has covered the main domestic market. To search the head position of the engine, fundamentally solve the user’s simple, fast access to reliable and practical health science knowledge needs.
The huge content base of medical popular science knowledge is widely used, and the map of medical knowledge behind it is indispensable. The famous doctors of encyclopedia have applied the knowledge map to the construction of medical knowledge system and the production of popular science content for a long time. They have effectively integrated structured and unstructured medical content, and built a terminology system with independent intellectual property rights, which fundamentally solved the gap between public cognition and medical knowledge.
Knowledge map is the cornerstone of artificial intelligence, and medical knowledge map is also the cornerstone of realizing intelligent medicine. The famous doctors of encyclopedia applied the medical knowledge map to the diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up and other links of the extension of medical science popularization, forming landing applications for different scenes: knowledge query based on multi round dialogue, AI guidance before consultation, pre consultation application during waiting, rehabilitation application after consultation, etc. these solutions are in cooperation with Tencent, Xiaomi, Peking Union Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital, etc. The platform has specific applications in cooperation to help patients improve medical experience and doctors improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency.
In the future, the famous doctors of encyclopedia will continue to innovate, continue to work in the field of medical knowledge, comprehensively implement health science popularization, medical treatment and other links, and promote the rapid development of intelligent medicine.
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