51 credit card suspect investigated by police, CEO sun Haitao has been taken away


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Burst! 51 credit card investigated by Zhejiang Police
Source: Caishi media
According to the first consumer finance news, on October 21, 51 credit card was investigated by the police. A senior executive of a financial technology company in Hangzhou revealed that photos showed that several police cars were parked at the roadside of the scene. According to the news, more than 100 police officers rushed into the office building of Xixi where 51 credit card is located. Employees of 51 credit card company told friends Bao Ping’an that they had not been arrested because the police car could not sit down.
According to people familiar with the matter, 12 police cars were full and sun Haitao, 51 credit card CEO, was taken away yesterday to assist in the investigation.
Caishi media contacted 51 credit card public relations director for confirmation, and the phone was in an unanswered state.
Tianyan data shows that 51 credit card is a practical credit card management tool and financial management service platform, developed by Hangzhou enniu Network Technology Co., Ltd. and its 51 credit card discount, 51 bookkeeping, 51 bank card safe series app. Big data based on merchant and user behavior provides data and platform services for o2o business of life service. The CEO is sun Haitao and co-founder Yang Yuzhi.
Hong Kong shares (02051) opened lower at HK $1.76 at 13.16 on October 21, down 35.06%, according to data from tonghuashun.