Zhang Chaoyang: Sohu returns to the media and continues to make efforts in the social field


On October 20, the sixth World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen. On the afternoon of that day, Zhang Chaoyang, chairman and chief executive officer of Sohu board of directors, said in an interview with the media: at present, Sohu should continue to “return to the media” and re polish the better brands in history, and at the same time, continue to make efforts in the field of social communication.
Reviewing the history of Internet development super competitiveness is the biggest driving force for development
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the development of the Internet. “The Internet provides a relatively pure market-oriented opportunity, which has little to do with your resources, but more to do with your ideas and innovation,” Zhang said.
He added: “it had something to do with me at that time. I directly publicized venture capital and brought it to China. Venture capital is not for you, but for you. Your character is also good. The team you manage is very efficient. It will explode if you make a move at last, even if the people with resources can’t catch up with you. ”
“The Internet industry has the highest proportion affected by market forces, so a group of people like us who are empty handed can do it. This is the biggest feature of the Internet. Until now, it has super competitiveness.” “Super competitiveness, which has nothing to do with your original resources, is still the biggest driving force for China’s Internet growth,” Zhang said.
Keep the original intention to pursue the perfection of product details and Internet startups have opportunities
At present, China’s Internet entrepreneurship environment has changed a lot. For some voices, there are many barriers to entrepreneurship? Zhang Chaoyang thought, “when an enterprise grows up, the managers may not be on the front line. The experience of users’ subtle needs, the love for products and the spirit of making it the ultimate may be lost, which gives new companies some opportunities.”
“If an enterprise can rediscover itself, especially in China, to do consumer Internet, to keep the original intention, to keep the pursuit of product perfection, and not simply imitate. I can only see what kind of needs have not been met for a long time, focusing on the details of this spirit. I think this kind of subversion is constantly happening. ” Zhang said.
In addition, for the phenomenon that some people like to classify products into categories and comment on whether this kind of model can succeed, Zhang Chaoyang objected, saying that “the real good thing can’t describe which outlet or category it is, because the team can love this product very much, carefully guess the user’s needs, and at the same time be very careful.” Grind and do it carefully. In the end, the product may explode.
Sohu will continue to strengthen the media label to provide content distribution and output views
For Sohu’s future development? “After the birth of the Internet, it is basically divided into the information side and the e-commerce side. The major impact on the information side is the media, and it can be said that it has a subversive impact on the traditional media. Subsequently, a lot of new media have emerged.” Over the years, Sohu has been developing in the media, and many people have grown up with Sohu. Sohu is now rising again, we must play the competitiveness of Sohu, which is to return to the media and do a good job in the media. ”
“If the media is good, it can be seen in two aspects. On the one hand, the company has done better in media, such as Sohu News, Sohu number, self media, and the generation and distribution of daily information of self media. On the other hand, it depends on activities, such as holding large-scale activities, such as running activities, fashion events, financial forums, AI summits, etc., which is the company’s aspect. ” Zhang said.
In 2019, Sohu successively held Sohu News marathon, fox friends National School grass, school flower competition and 5g summit, which are important signals for Sohu to return to the media. “The importance of returning to Sohu media is not only the distribution of content, but also a view, a value, a judgment, a view of the world from Sohu editorial department and Sohu media people.” This is Zhang Chaoyang’s attitude.
At the same time, in the aspect of content distribution, in the Sohu product system, the most serious product that applies AI and machine learning is Sohu News client. “We’ve heavily used AI for distribution, but we’ve resolutely stopped using AI for content production. There are two different things to do: the content and the relationship. We must be very careful not to act on our behalf. ” Zhang Chaoyang stressed.
Social core value returns to Huyou app and rediscovers SNS value
In addition, Zhang Chaoyang strongly recommends the use of Huyou app on the spot. On this mobile social app, which focuses on young people ‘ Social circle.
For the audience’s needs of Huyou app, Zhang Chaoyang believes that “it makes up for the vast territory between strangers and acquaintances, so that people have a very relaxed leisure, a very good atmosphere of cognitive process.”
At present, there are two groups of people for foxfriends, one is the post-90s, the other is the Post-70s. “The post-90s are particularly sensitive to new products, and they find that foxfriends can meet some of their needs,” Zhang explained. There are also a group of 70, when Sohu blog and Sohu micro blog do well. Now you’re a little bit like the Beatles old songwriters coming back, and these people are coming back. ”
For Sohu, as a social value chain connecting Sohu business, foxfriends is of great significance. On the one hand, based on the strong social association attribute, it can greatly reduce the cost of customer acquisition. On the other hand, as a social platform carrying Sohu business, it also promotes the overall synergy of Sohu business.
In addition, with the subtle change of the main force of young people, it is a historical opportunity for the birth of new SNS. With the coming of adulthood after 00, the pursuit of personalized and more pure social needs has become the significance of rediscovering the social value of SNS. At this time, Sohu launched its friends, bringing social products back to the social essence, and under the strong correlation of sns social core value, building Sohu social value. Chain. “It’s the media assets such as Sohu News client and mobile Sohu. It’s the magic soldier, the fox friend is our magic soldier and social network.” Zhang said.

It’s a basic value to be a good manager in life
At the scene, the media again asked Zhang Chaoyang about his work and rest. Previously, it was widely spread on the Internet that “Zhang Chaoyang’s Day” is harder than your excellent people. “Zhang Chaoyang was described as falling asleep at 0:00 every day, getting up at 4:30 every day, and working for more than 12 hours every day. Zhang Chaoyang replied: “at that time, I started to try the segmented sleep method. Now it is relatively mature, and the sleep is relatively stable, less than 4 hours a day. I came to the company very early, and now I am more involved, making all departments of the company rush to the front line.”
In addition, Zhang Chaoyang also talked about personal changes. He thought that he was more mature and knew what to do in his life. “Life should do his own duty. I could enjoy being a celebrity in that year. Now I have completed my basic duty in life. I want to be a good manager and build a good company. This is a basic value.” Zhang concluded.
At last, Zhang Chaoyang emphasized his values with his understanding of the book “pursuing the meaning of life”. In this world, life has three meanings: creating the meaning of one thing, loving one thing, and suffering the third. Zhang Chaoyang said, “everyone must live up to a saying. The value of pursuing prosperity and success is a little lower. Sometimes it’s not necessarily prosperity. What you do is valuable. You think it’s worthy of our living beings. You give full play to it and let it exist to bring about a sense of existence for others, society and yourself. This It makes sense.