Apple will discuss sexual harassment in its home-made show “morning show”


Sina science and technology news in the morning of October 20, Beijing time, Apple will discuss the allegations of sexual misconduct in a fictitious morning TV news program, which explores various practical problems caused by the Chen metoo movement in the past two years.
The morning show, starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, is one of eight home-made shows that Apple has been offering through its new subscription video service Apple TV + since November 1.
This is Aniston’s first TV role since she became famous in friends. She plays Alex levy, a veteran journalist. She learned that her partner, Carell, had been fired for sexual harassment.
The show reflects the case of powerful men in real life who lost their jobs on charges of misconduct against producer Harvey Weinstein, who denied any unauthorized sex.
“Participation in cultural dialogue is very colorful.” “Television and movies can help us integrate what we see on TV and provide us with a human perspective,” Witherspoon told Reuters.
Witherspoon and Aniston are both executive producers of the 10 episode series. Witherspoon said the series was produced by a “very gender balanced creative team.”
The morning show also explores age discrimination and ethics in the press. Witherspoon plays a young journalist who works in the television press at a time when the older Aniston is worried about his possible dismissal.
“A lot of it is about what people do when they get up in the morning,” said Kerry ehrin, editor and executive producer of the show. (Si Yuan)