Zhou Hongyi: Internet, a great gift of civilization to China


Source: online communication magazine
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Internet and the 25th anniversary of China’s full-featured access to the Internet. This special time node has given the sixth World Internet Conference new significance. From October 20 to 22, the global Internet is about to enter “Wuzhen time”. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, how can we understand the connotation of the theme of “smart Internet, open cooperation – jointly building a community with a shared future in cyberspace” of this world Internet Conference? How does the Internet affect China’s development? In response, chuangjun interviewed Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO of 360 group.
The Internet is a big gift from heaven to China
Communication Jun: this year is a very special year, the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Internet and the 25th anniversary of China’s full-featured access to the Internet. As a pioneer of China’s Internet industry, what do you think of the impact of the Internet on China’s development?
Zhou Hongyi: first, the state provides a good environment for the development of China’s Internet industry. Why has China’s Internet industry, after only 25 years of development, ranked second in the world? This is mainly because the Chinese government has relatively loose industrial policies. Internet is a new thing. In the early stage, the government gave it a relatively tolerant and inclusive policy, without more regulatory measures, which intentionally or unintentionally gave the industry a huge space to grow. Compared with other industries, the Internet is the most “free” and the fastest growing.
Second, the user dividend in the Internet industry is very important. China has a huge demographic dividend. From the popularity of PC in the early years to the popularity of smart phones, in China, almost no one does not surf the Internet, and mobile payment and code scanning payment are in the forefront of the world. On the one hand, people in the Internet industry are working hard. On the other hand, China has the largest Internet market potential in the world, which contributes to the development of China’s Internet today.
Third, after 25 years of development, China’s Internet is not just an industry, but a new value and thinking mode. When it comes to the Internet, it includes not only the innovation of many business models, but also the innovation of many science and technology. Therefore, it has made great contribution to the development and progress of the whole society of China in 25 years, which should be acknowledged by everyone.
I often say that the situation makes a hero. In turn, the hero also promotes the situation. China’s huge market potential and market space have created the Internet industry, which in turn has changed China, including not only the way of media and communication, but also the way of mass access to information. Most importantly, it has changed the way of work and life of each of us, which is the most remarkable.
I think we can use “imabc” to describe the latest Internet technology. I is the Internet of things, including the Internet of vehicles and the industrial Internet; m is mobile communication, including 5g and 4G; a is AI; B is big data; C is cloud computing. Imabc is the best technology contributed by the Internet to China. They can reshape China’s industries and make the operation of the government and society completely different.
So I think that the Internet is a big gift from heaven to China, which enables Chinese society to overtake and leap in corners with the help of the Internet.
Zhou Hongyi receives an exclusive interview with communication Jun. Yang Yang / photo
Network security problems can’t be solved by one company
Communication King: the theme of this conference is “smart Internet and open cooperation – jointly building a community of shared future in cyberspace”. What do you think of the importance of smart Internet and open cooperation in Cyberspace Security?
Zhou Hongyi: first, facing the new network security situation, our defense system must be upgraded and intelligent. The premise of AI is to have big data. If there is no big data, AI is a castle in the air.
Second, network security manufacturers must cooperate. The problem of network security can not be solved by one company, especially when a country has a population of more than one billion and a large number of infrastructure, and faces the hidden threat of online apt attack from other countries, the network security industry must unite to face it.
Many other industries regard friends as competitors, because as long as you “beat” them, your market share will increase. But the network security industry is different. Our competitors are not friends, and we should not be competitors. Our competitors are some black production teams, even organized network attackers. Even if we “beat” our friends and businesses, as long as our rivals are constantly upgrading their attack technologies, as a network security company, we still cannot protect the world.
We share and build the network security brain output technology with our customers, and give them the ability to dig holes, attack and defend the real network, network shooting range and network training, which is equivalent to helping customers build their own security capability system, such as incubating more small and beautiful vertical Unicorn companies through investment, all of which are in line with the theme of “intelligent interconnection”. To build a community of shared future in cyberspace, 360 should be a good practitioner.
Zhou Hongyi introduces the latest security service system of government and enterprise at the 360 new strategy 3.0 upgrading Conference
The “adversary” facing the network security problem has become a high-level network Army
Spread Jun: Recently, you have always stressed that in addition to private hackers and network Mafia, we should pay more attention to organized hacker attacks. Why?
Zhou Hongyi: we have been working on network security for 15-6 years, and the situation of network security has changed a lot. In recent years, with the development of the Internet, the whole society is becoming more and more digital and information-based. Now the whole society is running on the software, and the software must have loopholes; if there are loopholes, they will be used. If the loopholes are exploited by hackers, it will lead to very serious attacks, which will lead to the confusion of the whole country’s operation, government governance and social order. What’s more, nowadays people’s food, clothing, housing, food, drink and play are inseparable from the Internet. Compared with 20 years ago, the harm of the whole network attack is much greater.

Nowadays, the Internet of things technology has derived the industrial Internet, industrial Internet and Internet of vehicles, which have opened up the physical world and cyberspace, so the virtual attacks in cyberspace in the past can become physical injuries, that is to say, all the infrastructure such as energy, transportation, finance, medical treatment and education can become the targets of network attacks. Today’s network attacks and the original a small virus destroyed some files, some people do a fraudulent website to cheat the harm of money is totally different.
The “adversary” in the face of network security problems has changed from a small company that is a virus, Trojan horse, hacker, and black product into a high-level network army and an organizational force. They use many attacks brought by the Internet of things to bring physical damage, which makes the network security situation become very serious. So today, the adversary of network security has changed, and the tactics and battlefield of operations have also changed. We can’t use the idea that the original computer installed with anti-virus software can paralyze ourselves. In this case, if we can’t realize the sudden change of security situation, the faster the informatization runs, the more new technologies are used, the greater the possibility of future network attacks, and the more serious the consequences will be.
Therefore, we call for attention to organized hacker attacks, so that more people in the industry know that today’s network security is facing an unprecedented severe situation. We must attach importance to it and recognize the existence of the problem so as to find a solution.