Tencent cloud Liu Ying: developers are the smallest individual unit of industrial Internet development


Tencent technology news on October 19, the technology summit of “small program cloud development” jointly held by Tencent cloud and wechat small program team was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Liu Ying, vice president of Tencent cloud, said that Tencent cloud is fully exporting technology capabilities to wechat ecological developers, creating a series of technical solutions such as “small program · cloud development”, small program audio and video live broadcast, small game online battle engine, etc. Among them, as the basic ability of small programs jointly built by wechat team and Tencent cloud, “small programs cloud development” currently has more than 230000 registered accounts, and more than 500000 developers are developing small programs quickly based on “small programs cloud development”.
Liu Ying also said that developers, as the smallest individual unit of the industrial Internet, are the value creators of activating advanced technology and landing in the industry. Tencent cloud is positioned as a growth partner of developers, providing more than 200 technical products and more than 90 kinds of solutions, and building a comprehensive service system to help developers grow.
More than 230000 accounts and more than 500000 developers
As the largest social platform in China, wechat ecosystem gathers a large number of developers. According to Liu Ying, Tencent cloud has been opening up various technical capabilities to wechat ecosystem to help developers create business value in wechat ecosystem.
The live audio and video program of the app will enable developers to build the bottom audio and video group components based on Tencent cloud, without audio and video foundation, and enable the app to have interactive audio and video capabilities. Small game to game engine will allow developers to build stable multiplayer game background in 5 minutes without complex background code and only need to call several interfaces. At present, the scheme has been implemented in single game, turn game and real-time interactive game.
As a new development mode of serverless, “small program cloud development” has become the best helper for developers to develop small programs. Liu Ying introduced that “small program cloud development” is the basic ability of small program jointly built by wechat team and Tencent cloud. It integrates Tencent cloud’s basic ability and open ability of small program, as well as more than 150 open interfaces, which can free developers from tedious development configuration work when developing small programs, and only need to pay attention to the writing of business code logic.
Previously, Tencent cloud announced support plans for small program developers and small program service providers to help the sustainable prosperity of small program ecology through resource subsidies, brand building and other ways. According to Liu Ying, “app cloud development” has more than 230000 registered accounts, and more than 500000 developers are developing apps quickly based on “app cloud development”. Cat eye movies, wechat reading, vipshop, wechat alliance, etc. all build or iterate small programs based on “small programs · cloud development”.
Liu Ying revealed that in the future, “app cloud development” will also integrate the advantages and capabilities of wechat and Tencent cloud in a more comprehensive way, and provide multi-terminal and multi language support to make developers easier to call. In addition, Tencent cloud and wechat team will also jointly build a cloud development city technology circle, build an offline technology exchange platform, and help the ecological development of small program development.
Developers are the key to the development of industrial Internet
“As the smallest individual unit of the industrial Internet, developers are the direct participants and builders of the industrial Internet, and also the value creators that cannot be ignored,” Liu said.
At present, the market is changing from demographic dividend driven to innovation driven, marketing from flow driven to word-of-mouth driven, emerging technology from concept to implementation, and all walks of life are transforming and upgrading to digital. As an important carrier of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, on the one hand, industrial Internet puts forward higher requirements for the breakthrough of basic research and key core technologies; on the other hand, the depth and breadth of industrial Internet exploration will be limited only by the efforts of the platform and enterprises themselves.
Liu Ying believes that developers are the main force of the industrial Internet. Only by connecting the majority of developers, activating the application of advanced technology and developing industrial applications at all levels can the industrial Internet glow with new vitality. Tencent cloud, on the other hand, attaches great importance to the construction of developer ecology, which will comprehensively help the personal growth and value creation of developers. In terms of products, Tencent cloud has built a comprehensive product matrix, providing more than 200 IAAs, PAAS, SaaS products and more than 90 industry solutions for developers and enterprise customers, and will continue to provide high-quality technical products and solutions for Industry and developers.
Tencent cloud has also built a developer service system integrating experts, communities, salons, training and certification. Among them, Tencent cloud’s most valuable experts plan has absorbed more than 100 cloud computing industry leaders and practitioners to output cutting-edge technical opinions. Cloud + community provides developers with cloud computing technology information, technology Q & A, developer manuals and other services. At present, the daily average active users have exceeded one million, making it one of the most active technology communities in China.
In addition, Tencent cloud has passed Technology Salon, 500 + online hot courses and 18 certification tests every year to help developers better cope with technology development trends, rapidly improve knowledge and ability, and promote career development.
“App cloud development” technology summit is a technology exchange conference for app developers jointly sponsored by Tencent cloud and wechat app. Adhering to the concept of high efficiency, easy to use, security and low cost, “small program cloud development” continues to provide “more than fast” service experience, helping developers create more possibilities in the small program ecosystem.