Oracle co CEO Mark Hurd is accused of sexual harassment when he died at HP


Sina science and technology news on the morning of October 19, Beijing time, Oracle and HP are two well-known companies in Silicon Valley. Mark Hurd, a former Oracle co chief and HP chief executive, died Friday at the age of 62.
Larry Ellison, Oracle’s founder and chairman, confirmed the news of Hurd’s death.
In a memo to Oracle employees, he wrote: “mark is an irreplaceable friend and a trustworthy colleague. Oracle lost an outstanding and popular leader. During his tenure at Oracle, he influenced many of us. Everyone will remember Mark’s wisdom. He can always analyze, simplify and solve problems quickly. ”
A month ago, Hurd left Oracle for health problems. “I’ve decided to spend more time focusing on my health,” he said in a message to employees. Since 2014, he has been the company’s chief executive officer and board director. He served as CEO with safra Catz, and Ellison took over his job after Hurd left.
Sexual harassment charges at HP
Hurd’s career at Oracle began in 2010. The previous month, he resigned as chief executive of Hewlett Packard on charges of sexual harassment. HP said Mr Hurd failed to inform the board of directors of his personal relationship with actress Jodie Fisher. At that time, Fisher was the company’s marketing outsourcer.
In 2010, Oracle’s boss denounced HP’s sacking of Hurd as “the worst personnel decision since Apple’s board sacked Steve Jobs many years ago.” Later, he hired Hurd as president of the company to work with safra Katz.
Later, HP said in a regulatory document that an external investigation confirmed that Hurd did not violate HP’s sexual harassment policy, but he did not comply with HP’s standards of business conduct. “In some cases, I failed to adhere to the principles of trust, respect and integrity that I espoused at HP,” Mr. Hurd acknowledged at HP’s press conference.
Hurd left HP with $12 million in cash and stock options.
Come to Oracle
Oracle is one of HP’s main competitors, and there has been a long-standing dispute between the two companies. Hurd’s new appointment has caused some discontent in Silicon Valley.
HP didn’t make it so easy for Hurd to change jobs: it sued Oracle to prevent Hurd from joining it. In a court filing in 2010, HP said it believed that Hurd’s move would put the company’s most valuable trade secrets at risk.
But Oracle needs an experienced “salesperson” to help it grow its cloud computing business in order to compete with Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The rise of cloud computing business makes Oracle’s middleware and database products appear particularly outdated.
After Hurd joined Oracle, the company expanded its cloud computing portfolio to a large extent, although Oracle is still far behind its competitors. Hurd also launched a project to recruit college graduates to work as Oracle sales people. He had predicted that the whole industry would turn to cloud computing.
Hurd was born in 1957 in the upper east side of New York City. After that, he went to high school in Miami, Florida. In 1979, he received a bachelor’s degree in marketing management from Baylor University, Texas.
The tech giant’s career began in 1980 when he joined NCR as a junior salesman. After that, he became the CEO of the company. After joining Oracle in 2010, he was promoted to CEO in 2014. He is responsible for Oracle’s product sales and marketing, while Katz is responsible for finance, law and operations. (Manli)