Beijing Consumer Association: tuniu, donkey mother, wasp nest, etc. are suspected of tying


Original title: mother of tuniu donkey and others suspected of tying up
News from our newspaper (reporter Zhang Nan) the Beijing Association of consumers yesterday released the results of the Internet consumption bundling survey. The problems of bundling have been found in Touniu tourism, lvma tourism, Ma beehive tourism, Zhihang train tickets and high-speed railway stewards.
In this survey, 10 Online Tourism platforms, including Ctrip Travel, Tongcheng travel, Yilong travel, flying pig, where to travel, tuniu travel, donkey mother travel, horse beehive travel, intelligent train ticket and high-speed rail steward, were selected as the subjects of the experience survey. The results of the experience survey show that 8 out of 74 simulated consumer experience samples are suspected of bundling, accounting for 10.81%. The suspected bundling and tying problems are all concentrated in the ticket and train ticket booking projects of online tourism platform.
Some online tourism enterprises obviously highlight the tying option and weaken the no tying option, suspected of misleading consumers. During the experience of booking train tickets and air tickets on the Zhixing platform and the high-speed railway steward platform, the experience personnel found that the booking options of the charging items were bound, not only the color was eye-catching, but also the font size was large; while the booking options of the charging items were not bound, not only the color was light, but also the font size was small.
For this reason, the association suggests that at present, the law does not explicitly prohibit all tie-in activities. It is necessary to improve relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, and clarify the legal attributes and legal boundaries of the tie-in activities of businesses. Relevant departments should further strengthen supervision and punishment, and impose severe punishment in accordance with the law in case of bundling and tying behaviors that damage the rights and interests of consumers.