Read the article and reach content cooperation with Disney


Sina science and technology news on the morning of October 16, Yuewen group and Disney reached a cooperation in the field of content creation, and will jointly launch the first Star Wars online novel created by Chinese authors.
Wu Wenhui, CO CEO of Yuewen group, said that he hoped to help Star Wars reach more Chinese readers. At the same time, through creative attempt and exploration, he would bring Chinese Style Star Wars stories to Chinese readers.
James Waugh, vice president of brand and strategy of Disney’s Lucas film industry, said that he was very pleased to work with Yuewen group to create the original story of star wars, “bringing Chinese elements and unique narrative methods into the vast galaxy of Star Wars”.
In addition, 40 Star Wars novels electronic Chinese books have been officially authorized for the first time in China. Within seven days from today, the related works will be limited and exempted from reading activities on the platforms of starting point reading, QQ reading, etc.
The Chinese market is of great significance to Disney. In September last year, Disney China released the content planning of four major brands of Disney, Pixar, marvel and star wars, as well as the strategic deployment of the company’s major businesses in China. According to the introduction at that time, with the release of “black leopard” and “Avenger alliance 3: Infinite War”, marvel film series has accumulated a box office of 12 billion yuan in China, and Disney film industry has become the global and mainland box office champion for two consecutive years.
At present, Disney China is exploring the Chinese market through more sophisticated localization operation. There is no doubt that reading is more experienced in telling Chinese stories, but this kind of cooperation is the first time, and the specific effect still needs to wait for the works to go online to see readers’ feedback.
The story of China’s “localization” Star Wars was written by his Majesty King, the great God of literature reading writer. Before that, his majesty completed works such as the legendary adventure of the ruined world, master of stealing dreams, once upon a time there was a Lingjian mountain, and the ruined Star River.
For reading, the cooperation with Disney may help its international operation. Online articles are becoming a trend, while reading articles is also making efforts in the international market. According to its mid year report, the number of overseas English websites and mobile platform webnovel users under Yuewen reached about 18 million in the first half of 2019, covering more than 400 Chinese translation works and nearly 50000 original literary works in local languages.
At the end of last month, Yuewen announced the acquisition of 20% equity of OBU, a Thai online company, to further expand the overseas market. (Li Nan)