Apple’s payment service is once again facing an investigation by the EU’s antitrust authorities


[Abstract] the survey involves: when users set up iPhone, whether Apple pay appears too prominent; whether the “set now” notification information popped up in the settings is reasonable.
Tencent technology news according to foreign media reports, apple pay, Apple’s contactless payment service, has apparently been investigated again by the EU anti-monopoly agency. It is reported that the European Union is listening to the evaluation of other companies in the payment field on Apple’s market behavior.
Specifically, the survey includes: when users set up iPhone, whether Apple pay appears too prominent; whether the pop-up “set now” notification information in the settings is reasonable. Another possible problem is that Apple does not allow other NFC payment services to integrate with wallet applications, which means that Apple pay integration is exclusive in IOS.
A representative of the European Union said that they were studying “possible market practices and abuses in violation of competition”.
However, the regulator has not formally announced the reopening of the investigation, nor has it filed any specific prosecution. The investigation is still in its infancy and may be abandoned if there is insufficient evidence.
Over time, apple gradually opened the NFC chip inside the iPhone device, but its core payment function is still tied with apple pay. For example, when the phone is near the NFC reader, it immediately displays the wallet and apply pay interfaces. Competitors’ payment services are not shown. To use any near-field communication function in a third-party application, the user must open the application in the foreground. NFC background reads are available for other categories of content, not for mobile payments.
Apple executives have repeatedly claimed that Apple pay is the company’s accelerated business. In its last earnings conference call, the company said Apple pay grew faster than PayPal. Financially, apple pay’s revenue, at least for now, is a small part of the company’s overall business because it charges very little for each transaction.
The apple card credit card that apple is launching will further promote the development of Apple pay. Apple card is a credit card jointly launched by apple and Goldman Sachs. Just yesterday, Goldman Sachs said that Apple’s credit card is the most successful credit card issue in history.
Earlier this year, Apple announced that Apple pay will soon expand to support proprietary NFC stickers with partners including bird electric scooter and PayByPhone parking fee payment. Currently, this feature is not available. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Le Xue)