The first-line American League University was officially established and announced the development goal of “100 million students in 10 years”


[Abstract] The vision of Mei Tuan University is to become the headquarters of digital talents in life service industry. It will devote itself to four aspects of value creation: Upgrading Vocational skills, boosting the development of industry, promoting the integration of industry and education, and expanding social employment, so that every life service practitioner can keep pace with the digital age.
Tencent News “Front Line” Wang Pan
On October 15, the delegation held a conference in Beijing on the theme of “new profession, new skills and new development”, announcing the formal establishment of the delegation university. Meituan university has eight colleges, covering catering, takeout, Meiye, wine tourism and other life service categories. It is committed to becoming the base of digital talents in life service industry. In the next ten years, the American League University will cooperate with 1000 Vocational Colleges in China to promote the digital development of 100 million life service practitioners.
Mr. Chen Feng, Executive Vice President of China Vocational and Technical Education Association, Director of School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Mu Rongjun, Co-founder of American League University, Vice President of American League University, Mr. Chen Rongkai, Executive President of American League University, and leaders of Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College, Beijing Changping Vocational School and other colleges of American League University attended the meeting. Release conference.
Releasing the new bonus of talents will help the digital development of 100 million practitioners
“At present, there are about 200 million workers in China’s life service industry. They are the main force of employment and the solid support of the service economy. Their quality improvement and career development are related to the future of China’s economy.” Said Mu Rongjun, co-founder and President of meituan University.
In Mu Rongjun’s view, in the past ten years since the establishment of the US mission, the “Internet + life service” has undergone tremendous changes: in 2010, “business is not aware”, and the concept of Internet operation is lacking. By 2015, “the boss is less capable”. They know that the Internet is important, but they do not know how to do it. Now, the pain point of businessmen has become “employee shortage”. Skills “, the latter generally does not have the digital ability, recruitment is difficult and the relative cost is high.
In his view, “In the past ten years, the company has been committed to promoting online service products and linking the industry to the Internet. In the next ten years, the company will turn to training digital talents and letting the industry learn to operate with technology. In the past decade, we have tried to provide more jobs for the delivery boys and solve the problem of short-term employment and survival; in the next decade, we need to provide them with more learning opportunities and solve the problem of long-term career development. ”
The vision of meituan university is to become the base of digital talents in the life service industry. It will be committed to the value creation in four aspects of “improving professional skills, helping the industry development, promoting the integration of industry and education, and expanding social employment” for a long time, so as to let every life service practitioner go hand in hand with the digital era.
At the meeting, Mu Rongjun also proposed the development goal of “one hundred million people in one hundred thousand schools in ten years” of meituan University, that is, in the next 10 years, he will reach cooperation with 1000 Vocational Colleges in China to drive the digital development of 100 million life service practitioners.
The “comprehensive university” of life service industry has trained more than 30 million people in total
Meituan university can be called a “comprehensive university” in the field of life service. It is composed of eight colleges, i.e. School of fine wine, kangaroo school, School of beauty industry, School of catering, School of marriage, School of flash buying business, School of distribution and School of customer service. It involves many life service categories, such as catering, takeout, beauty, hairdressing, manicure, medical beauty, marriage, parent-child and hotel management. Up to now, the total number of training sessions has exceeded 30 million, and the output hours have exceeded 5 million hours, covering 455 cities throughout the country.
According to the portrait data of the students of American League University, 42.6% of them have a college degree or above, which is much higher than the average level of society; 70% of the trainees are small and medium-sized, eager to learn digital skills.
According to Chen Rongkai, executive president of American League University, American League University currently has a team of teachers with both theoretical literacy and practical experience. There are more than 1400 teachers, including more than 800 teachers from vocational colleges, businesses and other ecological partners.
In terms of curriculum, meituan university pays attention to the combination of theory and practice. Guo Qing, vice president of meituan, general manager of meituan Hotel and meituan ticket resort, introduced that the curriculum design of meituan focuses on “three fits”: theory fits the actual situation, skills fits the actual operation, and tools fits the actual operation. It not only provides knowledge and skills training, but also refines various models and tools, and cultivates trainees’ thinking of data management.
Help the digital upgrading of businesses and promote “new career flywheel”
Under the background of the integrated development of service economy and digital economy, meituan university not only helps the life service businesses to make digital transformation, but also helps the employees to get through the long-term development channel.
Jianxin garden, founded in 1906, has 112 years of development history, and is the first batch of catering enterprises to obtain the honor of “China time honored brand”. Under the impact of the digital wave, it actively embraces the Internet and carries out takeout business. Through participating in the training of kangaroo College of meituan University, Jianxin park has implemented targeted measures such as moving line transformation, research and development of special take out products. The daily average take out volume of stores has exceeded 2000, and the brand has been revitalized.
The digital economy not only changed the way of business, but also gave birth to a large number of new jobs, including hotel revenue manager, take out Operation Planner, online restaurant fitter, Meiye store planner and so on. In the view of Zhang Jing, general manager of meituan to comprehensive business department, with the development of social economy and the upgrading of consumption demand, new business forms give birth to new jobs, while the birth of new jobs promotes employment, promotes industry progress, breeds new business forms, and forms a “positive flywheel”.
Vocational education to build a new ecology of industry education integration
The cultivation of digital talents in life service industry not only needs meituan university to play the role of platform economy, but also needs the participation of multi interest community.
At the activity site, meituan University signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shenzhen Vocational and technical college and Beijing Changping Vocational School respectively. The two sides will jointly develop vocational education resources, improve talent training mode, and build a training base to cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents for “Internet + life service”.

Mu Rongjun said that meituan University hopes to work together with the competent government departments, association organizations, vocational colleges and other institutions to build a new ecology of vocational education industry and education integration, and cooperate with businesses and employees in the life service industry for win-win results.
“In the next 10 years or more, we hope that more life service practitioners will benefit from meituan University, and that they will have the opportunity to change their destiny and hold onto their own hands.” Mu Rongjun emphasized.