What does the “One Star Movement” of Douban bring about by anger, capital and resistance?


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“One Star Movement” is our last resistance when we can’t compete with capital.
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Whether it’s IMDb, the world-class movie database, or Top250, the Douban movie with the best comprehensive data, the number one movie is Shawshank’s Redemption.
Even such a well-recognized film, there are still users on the bean flaps to score a star. One user commented, “I feel nauseous about this movie at any time. I’m just like myself.”
One star is the lowest score on the douban, representing the worst quality of the work. Because of different personal aesthetic preferences, there will always be different views from the mainstream view under any works. At this time, “One Star” is no longer an objective evaluation of the quality of works, but a resistance to the mainstream view.
With the commercial forces entering the Douban and intervening in the scoring, Douban scored a lot more “navy” with high scores. In this case, “one star” has been given more missions, “hit one star” behavior has become a means of expressing users’dissatisfaction. Among them, the more fans of Douban users, has produced a similar appeal to KOL, their evaluation of works will also affect other users, thus turning personal dissatisfaction into group resistance.
This group behavior of retaliatory scoring is called “one-star movement”. With “one star” as a gun and netizens as a companion, people with different ideas and purposes leave their anger in the corner of Douban.
The First Shot of Bean Flap “One Star Movement”
When it comes to the controversy over the grading of douban, most people first think of the storm caused by the movie “Wandering Earth” at the beginning of this year. In fact, as early as six years ago, the first “one-star movement” swept through the book field of Douban.
On January 9, 2013, He Jiawei, editor and French translator of Jiujiu Scholar, saw the forthcoming publication of Little Prince by Tianjin People’s Publishing House. The edition was produced by Guomai Culture, translated by Mr. Li Jihong. It read on the waistband: “The best translation so far has corrected more than 200 errors in 56 existing editions.” (Modified now)
Tuyuan: Chinese Writers’Network
At this time, the book has not been officially published, and more than 1,000 people have scored 9.3 points on the douban.
He Jiawei, who has been in the publishing and translation industry for many years, immediately came to the conclusion that this is “false propaganda”. In order to retaliate, He Jiawei launched a campaign to star the book on Douban and set up a “one-star library” of beans, which will be joined by four books, Little Prince, Old Man and Sea, Great Gatsby and Animal Farm, produced by Guomai Culture and translated by Li Jihong.
In an interview with Shenzhen Evening News, He Jiawei explained why he had done so: “I have never heard of a translator who claims to be the best in his translation.” What’s more, “Little Prince” and “The Old Man and the Sea” have been translated by Lin Xiuqing, Zhou Kexi and Zhang Ailing respectively. Such publicity also shows disrespect to the masters.
The campaign has received many responses from users of douban. Many readers have long complained about the publishing house’s exaggerated propaganda texts, which broke out in this campaign. Many users, without reading the book, hit a star, hoping that “shameless publishers and editors will take precautions”.
On January 12, Li Jihong published his diary “I Refuse” on Douban, condemning the publishing house’s blind translation, default of contributions and concealment of royalties, and saying, “That’s why you launched an unknown online friend to hit a star? That’s why you took it out of context and even did not hesitate to slander me by making rumors?”
This incident triggered the first shot of “One Star Movement” of Douban, and since then, “One Star Movement” has become the unique culture of Douban Wai City.
In November 2016, the Youth Edition of Dream of Red Mansions, launched by the Pliocene Phase and Fruit-wheat Culture, once again triggered a wave of “One Star Movement”. The manufacturer said that this set of “Dream of Red Mansions” lasted three years to revise and produce, “and made certain word norms to facilitate today’s readers to read.” At present, this set of “Dream of Red Mansions” has only 400 reviewers, of which more than 60% have scored a star with a comprehensive score of 4.4.
A year later, the inspirational book Lifelong Learning, written by Luo Zhenyu, about how to learn in the era of mobile Internet, also encountered the “One Star Movement”. Among the more than 1,400 people, 88% scored a star, with a comprehensive score of only 2.4.
Like Little Prince, the two books are most criticized for their over-marketing by publishers. After the publication of the Youth Edition of A Dream of Red Mansions, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Jingchu, Zhang Xinyi and many other celebrities were invited to help build their momentum in the Pliocene, while Lifelong Learning invited KOL from Douban to endorse their high scores.
In addition to these two pop-ups, the size of the “One Star Movement” has been organized to score books that are becoming less and less objective. Although the scale is not large, it directly affects the word-of-mouth and sales of the works, which makes the creators hate it deeply.
Last November, Zhang Yuanshan, the author of “The Way to Jade Articles”, sent a complaint letter to Douban because the book was hit by more than 300 Douban users. He asked Douban to provide the real identity information and contact information of the so-called “initiator” and “appendage” so that he could defend his rights in accordance with legal procedures.
In the “Douban One Star Movement Record” created by users, there are more than 30 books. Another user created Douban’s “Lawyer’s Letter Warning” collects more than 140 books, all of which have been “hung” by Douban netizens because of poor quality, false propaganda and plagiarism.
The genius typewriter, translated by Guda’s vernacular signature, is also among them. Earlier, user @a Turen disclosed on Weibo that he was the main translator of the book, while Guda vernacular only translated one of the contents, causing a huge storm. At present, “Genius Typewriter” Douban score is only 2.4 points, 88% of users typed out a star.
The Five-Star “Dream-Hunting Performance Circle”

If the “One Star Movement” of books is an organized cultural renaissance, then the “One Star Movement” of movies is more like the second battlefield of microblog users’curious behavior.
In terms of user composition, the permanent users of Douban Reading are basically the early users of Douban, and Douban Movie has become a nationwide film rating website with over 100 million active users per month. Therefore, compared with the “One Star Movement” in the field of books, the “One Star Movement” in the field of film has a wider exposure and coverage, and more gunpowder flavor.
The popular Douban movie, whether in the way of scoring or user thinking, is different from the small circle of Douban reading.
The latest “One Star Movement” broke out in the film “Shanghai Fortress”. Before its release, the film caused a lot of controversy because of the starring Luhan. Many people gave it low marks when the film was not released because of the problems of casting, modeling and the remuneration of online transmission.
After the film was released, the Douban Start Score was 4.2 points, which dropped to 3.5 points a day later. A considerable number of reviews refer to the deer, saying that “when you see the deer, you know it’s a rotten film”. Up to the time of submission, nearly 70% of the more than 210,000 evaluation users had hit a star. This is reflected in the doubts about the leading actor Lu Hao, the dissatisfaction with the quality of the film itself, and the anger at the over-promotion of the film.
Including “Shanghai Fortress”, all the movies related to traffic have been blindly hit by a star, and the spearhead is also directed at the traffic actors in the movies.
Douban user “A Miao” has such an experience. Once she heard that a flowing actress won a domestic performance award and went directly to Douban to give the play a star. “There were some irrational factors at that time, but she did not want to let Douban be submerged by the navy.”
Behind such a score, netizens have long complained about traffic chaos. According to Amiao’s observation, the navy has applied the Weibo control and evaluation to Douban, and “One Star Movement” is also a helpless measure to protect the fairness of Douban score.
Quite a number of users questioned Chen Qingling’s rating.
Another film that I have to mention is Pure Mind, Dream-by-Dream Performing Circle. On September 22, 2017, Bi Zhifei’s “Dream-driven Performance Circle” was released, which was compiled, directed and directed by Bi Zhifei, and “Prepared for Twelve Years”. It immediately encountered the situation of Douban Point Score 2.0 (that is, 100% of a star), and was soon withdrawn from the archives.
In this regard, the tablet believes that the bean paste maliciously brush low scores, sent a letter requesting an apology and said that the legal protection of rights will be carried out. In January, Bi Zhifei issued a civil complaint against Douban on Weibo and a letter to the National Film Bureau in May, complaining about Douban’s “manipulation” of China’s film review industry and requesting the Film Bureau to thoroughly examine the “unfair scores” encountered by his works.
Interestingly, in this “landmark” rotten film, the birth of a “five-star movement” contrary to “one-star movement”.
In the short commentary of Dream-by-Dream Performance Circle, 13% of the users gave five-star high praise, most of which had different meanings. One user commented, “One star is far less disgraceful than five stars.” Another wrote: “Depending on the historical value of this film, I would like to thank Bi for his crime.”
Especially after “Dream-driven Performing Circle” became the first rotten piece of Douban, whenever there were other rotten films, users would go back to its page to re-evaluate. After the film “Love Apartment” was released in 2018, many users re-branded “Dream-driven Performance Circle” with five stars: “I just want to raise the score, higher than the love cemetery.” After “Shanghai Fortress” was released, a similar situation appeared: “After watching”Shanghai Fortress”, I felt that I had been too harsh on Bi Dao before.”
In February this year, Zhai Tianlin, who graduated from Beijing Film Academy, was deeply involved in academic fraud. Bi Zhifei, who graduated from Beijing Telecom, also tweeted his attitude: “Colleges and universities are the ivory tower in everyone’s minds… The whole society should try to protect her purity.
For this reason, “Dream-by-Dream Performing Circle” has many five-star reviews: “This great documentary is a simile of the Chinese film and television circle, a metaphor of the Chinese academic circle.” It seems that we all blamed Bi Di, and people really want to expose the darkness around him to make a film.
It can be seen that both “Shanghai fortress” and “dream chasing performance circle” have the same phenomenon of “retaliatory scoring” as in the field of books. Some people are retaliating against the flow market, and some are retaliating against the capital “just rotten money”.
The extreme ratings of retaliation, like the upstream waves in the Internet torrent, are easier to see and have an impact.
What Douban Score Represents
But what are the real consequences of this one-star movement?
Ten days after launching the “One Star Movement”, He Jiawei published a Book Review of Li Jihong’s translation of Little Prince on Douban, questioning the translation basis and quality. He Jiawei believes that although Li Jihong’s statement was translated from the French version, it can be reasonably suspected from the details of the text that the translation was translated from the English version, and there are many errors in translation, omission and understanding.
Even so, Li Jihong’s translation of Little Prince has more than 23,000 reviews. Nearly half of the users scored five-star high scores, with only 8.4% of the users scoring one-star, with a total score of 7.7. On the east side of Beijing, Li Jihong’s translation is the most popular of all Little Prince.
Liang Wendao once discussed the world famous book “The Old Man and the Sea” in his reading program “One Thousand and One Nights”, and especially recommended Li Jihong’s translation. Even though he knows that there is a “One Star Movement” against Li Jihong on Douban, he still admires that among all the translations he has seen, Li Jihong’s version is “a more faithful translation of the original”.
Pictures from Youku’s “One Thousand and One Nights”
More people’s inherent thinking and opinions will not change because of “one star” and “five stars”. “Shawshank’s Redemption” will not lose its position in film history because of 0.1% of the stars; the 1% of the five stars in “Dream-by-Dream” is also because its failure is no longer to be repeated.
However, the essence of “One Star Movement” and “Five Star Movement” is to express their anger to the world under the mechanism of “Everyone has the right to speak” Douban score.

In 2015, the cumulative box office revenue of China’s film industry reached 440.69 billion yuan, entering the “40 billion era” for the first time. The outbreak of the film and television market also brought unprecedented pressure to Douban film rating. In order to “protect the public’s trust in Douban Film Scoring”, Abei, the founder of Douban, wrote “Eight Questions on Douban Film Scoring” to answer the public’s queries about the film scoring system.
In this article, Arbei especially thanked the users who defended the fair score, “This should be our work, not everyone’s, it is our negligence not to do a good job for a while.”
However, with more and more disputes over the scoring system, this group of “users defending fair scoring” has also done irrational things.
On the first day of the New Year, Wandering Earth was released, and Douban film scored 8.4 at one time, then dropped to 7.9. Some users maliciously hit a star on Wandering Earth, which angered movie fans. At the same time, the legume was also exploded to collect money to score low, five-star to one star. Out of anger, movie fans scattered fire on Douban, giving Douban a star rating in major application malls. Apple App dropped 2 points in Douban App Mall, and Android dropped 1.5 points.
Not to mention the disorderly and barbaric scoring phenomenon in the field of movies, even if it is the “one-star movement” in the field of books, most of the “one-star” is typed by users without seeing the works.
From dissatisfaction with a work’s score to blindly scoring low marks, even to attacks on raters and scoring tools. The reason for this consequence is that the rating system originally held in the hands of users has been out of control.
There is a reason for this result.
The commercial attempt of Douban since 2010 has helped film producers, book publishers, music distributors and fans to brush up their scores, greatly increasing the moisture content of Douban score. And more and more “one-star movement” is also the reflection of anti-commercialization of users to a certain extent.
For users, their trusted bean paste score and the scoring rules they adhere to are invaded and destroyed by external forces. Facing the deviated scoring system, they can only abandon their original rationality and objectivity and adopt another code of conduct to minimize the loss from the result.
In the era of capital-bound, such extremes and anger are needed to sound the alarm of the cultural industry. As Ah Miao said, “One Star Movement is our last resistance when we can’t compete with capital.”
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