Official Declaration of Mijia Refrigerator: Popularize Air Cooling, Cover Size and Size


At 10:00 a.m., the Mijia side officially announced that it would complete an important part of the strategy of millet big appliances and introduce air-cooled refrigerators.
The official preview reads as follows:
The same fruits and vegetables, I keep longer and fresher;
With the same size, my capacity design is bigger and more scientific.
The same quality assurance, I will be even more unexpected!
Poster pictures suggest that Mijia Air-cooled Refrigerator will have at least double-door design style, perhaps cross-door design, French multi-door design.
Li classmate, director of millet eco-chain products, revealed that “Mijia air-cooled refrigerator is an important part of everyone’s electric strategy. This time, we released the refrigerator series, but most of them are air-cooled series. At present, it is to open the popular storm of air-cooled, completely say goodbye to the frosting of refrigerators. There are more than one size. Large refrigerators and small refrigerators all meet most of the home size environment”.
Previously, with the Internet model and high cost-effective ratio, the millet TV, which was born in 2013, has now become the first and fifth largest shipment in China and the world. The Millet Internet Air Conditioner has only one million shipments a year, and the washing and drying machine has the first annual cumulative sales on the Tianmao Platform.