Knowing that “live broadcasting” will gradually expand the scope of host invitation


On the morning of October 11, Sina Technological News announced that a new version of the update had been released, and the “live broadcast” function was officially launched. For users who are not good at text expression, this function can facilitate their sharing of knowledge and experience.
Prior to this, we have conducted a period of market research and internal test operation on the “live broadcast” function. In the live broadcast scenario, users can share knowledge, experience and opinions more easily and directly, and start real-time discussions and exchanges. Especially for some users who are good at speaking and writing, they can become creators of new scenarios.
According to reports, in the live broadcasting room, users can interact with the host through various functions such as “comment screen”, “question” and “conversation”. Anchor can output valuable content, gain support and recognition from users, and get corresponding benefits.
At present, we know that live broadcasting is still in the trial run stage, and the host selection mainly adopts the invitation system, which will gradually expand the scope of the host invitation in the future. In order to ensure the user’s visual experience and maintain the good atmosphere of the community, Zhizhi also said that it would control the type and quality of live content.
At the end of September, some netizens shared the content about Zhizhi live broadcast. It is known that netizens share “what Yang” and that live broadcasting invites users to share around specific topics and interact with friends in real time through “live broadcasting”.
Earlier, the Prophet had launched a voice-based knowledge-sharing product. In May 2016, Zhizhi launched its voice-paid product Zhizhi Live, which is similar to a chat room. It adopts a real-time question-and-answer mode, in which users share knowledge and listeners sign up for a fee.
Later, Live added support for video functions. (Li Nan)