Aliyun confirms that the acquisition of Changting Science and Technology by wholly-owned companies will operate independently


At noon on October 11, Sina Technological News announced that Aliyun intends to acquire Changting Technologies wholly. After the acquisition, the brand and team of Changting Technologies remain independent and continue to operate independently. With the full support of Aliyun’s technology, capital and business, Changting Technologies will expand its market and continue to provide network security solutions for enterprise users. Ali Yun confirmed the news to Sina Technologies.
According to reports, Changting Technologies is an innovative security company. Its first four co-founders are from the well-known Blue Lotus Team. In 2014 and 2015, Blue Lotus won almost all the top three heavyweight network security competitions in the world, and it is also the first team in China to be included in DEFCON CTF. In addition, at the “315” party in 2016, Long Pavilion is also the technical support of smart camera and POS cracking.
According to the announcement of Changting Science and Technology, Aliyun’s cloud resources and data capabilities will help enterprises grasp the key links of network security in the increasingly complex IT environment and effectively enhance the actual value of products in security construction. (ROC)