Vivivo issued an official statement to suspend all cooperation with the NBA from now on.


DoNews, Oct. 8 (Reporter Zhao Jinjie), the official of vivo, issued a statement on the evening of Oct. 8, expressing his strong dissatisfaction and condemnation against Houston Rockets General Manager Morey’s erroneous remarks and the NBA’s indulgent attitude in this matter.
Vivo said that it will always adhere to the principle that national interests are above everything else and firmly oppose any statements and actions that challenge national sovereignty and territorial integrity. From now on, vivo will suspend all cooperation with the NBA.
On October 9, 2016, vivo and NBA China reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides signed a brand strategic cooperation agreement. Vio became the only official mobile phone market partner in NBA China. Stephen Coory was invited to act as spokesman to launch a customized NBA model.
On September 30, 2018, the two sides upgraded their market partnership, and vivo will become the chief partner of the NBA China Tournament from 2018 to 2020. (End)