Revealing the Secret of Tongyao Husband Wang Ran: Graduated from Harvard and financed 8 billion yuan for Jia Yueting


Source: New Financial Street Detective
The original title: Uncovering the secrets of Tong Yao’s husband Wang Ran: Harvard graduate, CEO of investment bank, financing Jia Yueting 8 billion yuan.
Isn’t true love 17 years apart? Wang Ran’s strength deduces “other people’s husbands”!
During National Day, a wedding banquet between entertainment and financial circles attracted 500 million people.
The female side is Tong Yao, an actress known as “little Zhang Ziyi”:
Left is Tongyao, right is Zhang Ziyi.
“Song Yunping” in the hit drama “Big River” and “noble concubine” in “Ruyi Zhuan”:
The man is Wang Ran, founder of Yikai Capital, a domestic head investment institution.
It is understood that Tongyao was born in Kunming in 1985 and Wang Ran was born in Beijing in 1968. The difference between them is 17 years old. Although Yan Value and acting skills are both online, Tong Yao is always warm in the entertainment circle. In 2003, her love affair with Zhang Guoli’s son Zhang Mo caused a sensation.
As early as 2013, it was reported that Tongyao had an investor boyfriend named Wang Ran who had been in love for three years. So, after nine years of long-distance love, it’s not easy for them to get married now.
The couple were photographed dating several times.
On September 30, Tongyao and Wang Ran married in an Italian castle:
According to the photos exposed by netizens, the people who spoke at the wedding looked quite like Xu Xiaoping, a well-known angel investor.
On October 4, the two men joined the Beijing Airport. Tongyao wore a long windbreaker and Wang Ran wore a blue shirt. They left separately, looking very low-key.
Tongyao Airport Separated from Wang Ran
However, Wang Ran’s love is low-key, but very active in the financial circle.
The Man Behind Tongyao
For their 17-year-old marriage, many melon eaters have been talking about it. However, after seeing Wang Ran’s “contribution” to Tong Yao, detective Jun Lemon.
In 2012, after joining Bona, Tong Yao starred in many films, such as “Taipei Snowfall” and “The Longest Embrace”. At that time, Wang Ran was the chief financial adviser of Bona Group.
In 2012, Tongyao starred in “Ge Er Egg of the Militia”, the production company is Beijing Xiaoma Pentium One Film and Television Culture Company, and Wang Ran’s Yikai Capital is Xiaoma Pentium’s sole financial adviser.
In 2018, Tong Yao was awarded the best supporting actress award at the 25th Shanghai TV Festival with the resources of three high-quality dramas: River, Night and Ruyi Zhuan.
It is understood that the production companies of Dajiang Dahe include Sunshine at noon and SMG Shangshi Film Industry. As early as 2012, Wang Ran participated in the SMG Film and Television Forum to discuss industry hotspots. At the meeting, Wang Ran also proposed 10 things that TV media should not do.
In Ruyi Zhuan, Tong Yao’s “noble concubine” is not the first woman, but her character is very popular. At the moment of her “box-tied meal”, many audiences expressed their reluctance to let her “leave”.
At present, she also got the speech of Tong Lia’s “Thirty Stands”.
From obscurity to redemption, Tongyao’s success can not be separated from her husband’s support except her own efforts.
Establishment of Yikai Capital with 15 Enterprises under its Fame
The reason why Wang Ran can help Tong Yao in his career is closely related to the capital layout behind him.
“From the moment I went abroad in 1986, I never hesitated to come back at any time.” After completing his MBA at Harvard Business School, Wang Ran chose to return home to start his own business.
In 1995, Wang Ran and his friends co-founded a small financial company called Oriental Wall, which specializes in private financing and mergers and acquisitions. For a whole year, Wang Ran had no orders to take over, and the company only maintained for three years.
The status of “returnees” did not help him much in starting his own business. He described the “returnee circle” gathering on his blog: dressed like a human at the staggered wine party, greeted everyone with hypocritical enthusiasm in English, regardless of whether the other party was having a baby or hemorrhoids, he pretended to be happy and lengthened his voice and said, “Oh, that’s wonderful!”
Later, Wang Ran decided to return to JPMorgan Chase Global Mergers and Acquisitions to accumulate experience.
When the time was ripe, he returned to Beijing again. In April 2000, Wang Ran rented a small conference room in Beijing Jiali Center and established Yikai Capital. He said, “Since so many people come out to be Internet companies, then we will be water sellers and shovels to help them acquire, finance and list on the market.”
Beijing Kerry Centre
The first business of eBay Capital is eBay, and Shao Yibo, eBay’s CEO, is Wang Ran’s disciple at Harvard Business School. Obviously, this “study abroad experience” helped him a lot.
In 2016, Yikai Capital completed a round of 8 billion yuan of private financing for Lexin Sports, which was also the largest financing in the history of Chinese sports at that time. However, when the incident happened, Jia Yueting was forced to pay debts by shareholders. Wang Ran still expressed his support for Jia Yueting. He said: Chinese entrepreneurs are really not easy. Yi Kai will not leave friends who have shared storms and storms because of these ups and downs.
In 19 years, Yikai has completed more than 400 projects, including the grand acquisition of Huayou Century and the multi-round financing of Youku Potato Merger, totaling more than 250 billion yuan. According to Tian Eye Check, there are 15 companies under Wang Ran’s name. Among them, the registered capital of many companies is 10 million yuan.
DJ-loving Harvard hegemony
Compared with the rich people who buy islands and private planes without saying a word, Wang Ranpo “grounded gas”.
Wang Ran was born into an ordinary intellectual family in Beijing. When he was a student, he was an active member of the school. The League Committee, the student union, the learning society and so on “can’t do without one”.
In the summer of 17, Wang Ran, a sophomore in senior high school, came to Hawaii as an exchange student and began his senior high school life in the United States. One year later, Wang Ran was admitted to Makalester College in the United States, and two years later he transferred to Harvard.
It is understood that while studying at Harvard, Wang Ranzhi was not a financier, but a “small editor” engaged by detective Jun. Wang Ran recalled that he had made many appointments with Xiong Xiaopigeon, editor-in-chief of Kanas Publishing Company, and wrote several columns for the magazine Finance and Economics.

Because of his love for writing, many people call Wang Ran a public figure in the financial circle. Since 2005, Wang Ran has insisted on updating his blog. Up to now, the number of clicks has exceeded 20 million. And his microblog also has 4.54 million fans, chasing more hot spots than the new media editors.
In addition to writing, Wang Ran also loves pop music and has served as the DJ of the “sweeping voice” at the annual meetings of the e-talking Economic Forum for two consecutive years. Some friends said that he was “the only one who read Harvard but listened to the domestic rankings”.
“I am supporting China’s telecom value-added services with practical actions,” he joked.
In addition, Wang Ran also participated in many variety shows.
There are many wealthy people in China, few who love DJ and earth gas.
Think of Gong Li’s remarriage to Jean Michelle Yale, an 18-year-old French musician. Where do they lead? It’s like a love affair. Liu Shishi married Wu Qilong, 16, and there was no gossip after marriage.
Who says that age gap is not true love?
Some people asked Wang Ran: What career would you choose if you didn’t do investment banking? Wang Ran said: Maybe I will write a play.
Maybe one day, you will see Wang Ran’s private script for nursery rhymes.