Oracle intends to hire 2000 additional employees to expand cloud services


On the 8 day, the head of cloud computing business said Monday that the company plans to hire nearly 2000 employees to help extend the cloud computing services to more regions of the world.
The move is aimed at better competition with bigger rivals such as Amazon’s cloud service (AWS), and so on, and will help Oracle’s financial, sales and other functional business software transition to new systems next year.
Don Johnson, executive vice president of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure, said new jobs will be added to the Oracle Software Development Center in the vicinity of the Don Johnson, Wan Wan and the vicinity.
By the end of next year, Oracle plans to open 20 new cloud “areas” where the company operates data centers so that customers can safely store disaster recovery data or comply with local data storage regulations.
The company currently has 16 such areas, 12 of which have been opened in the past year. The new sites will be established in Chile, Japan, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and other parts of Asia and Europe.
As of May 31, Oracle had about 136,000 full-time employees, of whom 18,000 were employed in cloud services and licensing support.
Responsible Editor: Yu Jian SF069