Ordering must pay attention to the public number of restaurants? Lawyer: Suspected deprivation of consumer choice


Source: Modern Express
Modern Express News (Reporter Lu Jiejieyuwen/Photo) goes to restaurants to eat, and ordering is becoming more and more popular. However, a lot of Tucao have also been produced. Recently, some people reported that when they were having a meal at a restaurant in Nanjing, they were told that they had no paper menus, they could only scan the code, and they must pay attention to the number of shop owners. This phenomenon has also sparked controversy on the Internet, as well as netizens Tucao, unable to endure repeatedly pushing ads in the public numbers, but still dare not cancel concerns for concessions.
In October 4th, the modern express reporter interviewed that many restaurants had similar situations. Relevant legal professionals said that the restaurant’s behavior was suspected of illegal.
Many restaurants in Xinjiekou must pay attention to their public numbers before ordering meals.
Many restaurants cancelled paper menus and ordered meals only.
In October 4th, the modern express reporter visited several restaurants in Nanjing and found that many restaurants were leading customers to scan two-dimensional code meals, and some did not provide paper menus at all.
In a restaurant in Southeast Asia, the popularity of the restaurant is quite popular. After entering, the waiter reminds you to order through the two-dimensional code posted on the lower right corner of the table. After the reporter asked if there was a paper menu, the waiter took out a large menu with waterproof plastic film, indicating that the shop had cancelled the paper menu, which could only be used to see the dishes and prices, and did not support the use of pens to draw on it.
Why do we need to cancel the paper menu? A staff member explained that after ordering the menu, the staff would also send the corresponding dishes into the computer system against the paper menu, and notify the kitchen afterwards. Save this step by ordering meals. “In this way, the work efficiency is faster, and the waiting time of the guests will be shortened.”
In a restaurant that specializes in Sichuan cuisine, there is no paper menu. The waiter explained that the use of paper menus was somewhat outdated. “Now everyone is accustomed to ordering meals in a sweeping way. It’s very convenient.” Reporter asked, if some older people come to dinner, they will not use mobile phone scanning code, what should we do? The waiter said that the guests could come up with the dishes they wanted and the staff would help to order them without any trouble.
Only by paying attention to the public number of restaurants can we order meals
During the visit, the reporters found that many restaurants provided two-dimensional code for food, which was ambushed by a “careful machine”: only when they paid attention to the public numbers of their shops, could they order meals. In order to increase the number of public fans, they will also offer additional discounts.
In the red hot pot restaurant, although the paper menu is provided, customers are encouraged to sweep the order through various concessions. The waiter on one side reminded that members can apply for membership free of charge after paying attention to the public number, and they can get a voucher totaling 100 yuan. “This voucher is divided into three parts: 20 yuan, 30 yuan and 50 yuan. The first single is 100 yuan, which can be deducted with 20 yuan voucher.” In addition, after paying attention to the public number, consumers can also queue for the number through it, “when there are many people, it is very convenient”.
In a restaurant that specializes in steamed chicken, the waiter takes the initiative to guide consumers to order. When the reporter asked if he could order without paying attention to the public number, the waiter shook his head: “If you really don’t want to add it, just cancel it later.” The waiter also reminded members to join after scanning code, and to enjoy some dishes, which would cost several yuan less than the normal price.
Advertising is constantly pushed and coupons are often quietly expired.
If you want to order, you must pay attention to the public number of the restaurant.
“After paying attention to the restaurant’s public number, what troubles me most is that I often receive their advertising push.” Mr. Li told reporters that he often went out to restaurants and unconsciously noticed several restaurants’ public numbers. Every day there were advertisements. He sometimes wanted to delete them, but he found that there were still points and coupons, discount cards, etc., and some of them were still filled with money, so they were more reluctant to delete them. “I feel so unconsciously built up by businessmen!”
Ms. Zhou, a citizen, paid attention to the public number of a well-known pasta chain restaurant, registered members and charged the value. Soon she noticed that the public number was pushing news of the event to her from time to time. “I’m busy at work and I feel so disturbed.” She dismissed the idea of canceling her attention at the thought that after all, she had registered her members and had recharged their value, and that some of the discounts had not been fully enjoyed. To her great surprise, when she went to the restaurant for dinner next time, she showed her last coupon and found it was out of date.
Heated discussion
Some people like to sweep yards.
Some people miss the paper menu
More and more restaurants “abandon” the traditional menu and use the act of ordering meals without code, which has aroused a heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens believe that mobile phone orders are more environmentally friendly and easy to operate. “Traditional menus are a waste of paper.” Many netizens believe that the high cost of making paper menus, high rate of breakage and inconvenience of serving new dishes have also become one of the reasons why businessmen “abandon” traditional menus.
Compared with the new mobile phone scanning code list, many netizens miss the kind of paper menu that can be read and checked, and feel a sense of ritual of eating. “When my grandparents come to dinner, do they have to order a meal?” “Used to look through the traditional menu, you can intuitively appreciate the appearance of dishes.” Not only that, many netizens who use their mobile phones have encountered such a problem: when they return to the next level, they suddenly quit the order page, and several times they collapsed.
For attention before ordering, but also to withstand advertising push, we think differently.
In the vicinity of Xinjiekou shopping mall, reporters interviewed several residents randomly. “It feels forced and routine,” Ms. He said. Others expressed such concerns: “Is it easy to divulge personal information if we pay attention to these public numbers?” Others believe that, since we want to enjoy preferential treatment, we must follow the rules of the business. After 00, Xiaoqiu said, “I can accept it. After all, the merchants also want to raise their powder.”
Expert: It’s a new marketing tool, but it should be properly pushed.
Eating a meal can not only use paper menus, but also pay more attention to the WeChat public number, which makes some consumers feel dissatisfied and even feel that they are “being asked”.

In response, staff members of the hotline consumer complaints hotline said that businesses had abolished the traditional menu or asked for attention to the public number before ordering the order, which is the freedom of the merchants. “There is no specific provision prohibiting such operations.” “If consumers are not satisfied, they can only negotiate with the merchants.”
Pu Zhengning, an associate professor at the Institute of economics and management, believes that new media marketing is a trend. “Nowadays, many restaurants, or public number providers, regard public numbers as propaganda platforms. On the one hand, propaganda slogans have performance pressures, on the other hand, they also want to improve brand added value.” But inevitably, people will feel harassed if they pay more attention and push repeatedly. Suggest businessmen, push news also moderate.
For many consumers worried about personal information leakage, Pu Zhengning said, “There is no better way for consumers to cancel their attention for the time being.”
Lawyer: Suspected of depriving consumers of their choice
Are these operations in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations? Li Xiaoliang, lawyer of Jiangsu Tong Da law firm, believes that the behavior of merchants is a kind of “voluntary and substantial compulsion” transaction, which is suspected to deprive consumers of their right to choose. According to the twenty-sixth provision of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests, operators shall not make unfair or unreasonable provisions to consumers in terms of formality clauses, notices, statements, shop notices, etc., to exclude or restrict consumers’ rights, reduce or exempt operators’ responsibilities, and increase consumers’ responsibilities. Compulsory trading. Where format clauses, notices, declarations, shop notices, etc. contain the contents listed in the preceding paragraph, their contents shall be invalid.
Li Xiaoliang believes that this kind of behavior of businessmen is to get the attention and consumption of consumers, but the premise must respect consumers’right of choice and achieve humanized service. When ordering, consumers should be allowed to choose freely.
Li Xiaoliang said, “some consumers are not very good at playing or even having no business. Some consumers do not want to pay attention to the number of the public. If they are to order by the businessman, the two sides may not be happy or even consume. Some consumers, even then, were forced to pay attention to the business public number. After consumption, they may immediately cancel their concerns, or even consume them later, and there may be many other adverse effects. The original intention of the business has not been achieved.