Musk launched the strongest spacecraft ever! Long-term Star Trek for 100 People


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Silicon Valley Iron Man, dare to think more Dare – no, Mars immigration plan is now more concrete and achievable.
A series of products and ideas are launched today: the strongest interstellar rocket in history, spacecraft capable of long-term interstellar travel for hundreds of people, colonial city of Mars… The test flight took place within two months and entered orbit after six months.
In short, a small step for Musk may also be a big step for the human space dream.
The strongest interstellar rocket ever: Saturn 5
With warm applause and exclamation, Musk unveiled the mystery of the Starship rocket for the first time.
As the latest product of SpaceX, it is 118 meters high (about 40 floors) and 9 meters wide.
According to SpaceX, Starship is the most powerful rocket in history. It can not only carry up to 100 tons of payload to Mars and the moon, but also carry more than 100 passengers – and can make long-term interstellar travel.
Do you refuse to run for a point?
Starship pays twice as much as the world’s strongest rocket ever, Saturn 5.
And from other dimensions, such as thrust, the strongest name in history really deserves it.
With a booster called Super Heavy, Starship will directly replace the current Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy Rockets, as well as dragon ships for cargo and manned use.
Based on this weight, Musk has further updated his plans for interstellar space travel and the idea of colonizing Mars.
He also disclosed plans for a rocket: the third spaceship, Starship Mk 3, will be built next month.
Starship Details Open for the First Time
SpaceX currently has two types of rockets: Falcon 9 and Heavy Falcon.
But the two rockets are too small to land on Mars.
Both of these rockets launched today’s Starship are just brothers.
Starship, unlike the common three-stage rocket structure, is divided into two stages, but its launch capability is still amazing.
Starship has a total length of 118 meters, a first stage length of 68 meters and a diameter of 9 meters. It can load 3300 tons of fuel. The fuel and oxidant are liquid methane and liquid oxygen, respectively.
The first stage rocket has a total of 37 Raptor engines. Each Raptor thruster can provide 200 tons of thrust, so the total thrust at launch will reach an astonishing 7,300 tons.
What is this concept?
Saturn 5, the most powerful rocket in human history, is the carrier rocket used in the Apollo lunar landing program in the United States. Its thrust is only about 3,500 tons, half that of the current Starship.
Since NASA shelved its lunar landing program, humans have never built rockets with a thrust greater than Saturn 5 in decades. And Starship’s appearance suddenly refreshed the record.
Starship’s second stage is 50 meters in length, 9 meters in diameter, 85 tons in dry weight and 1200 tons in propellant weight. It can carry 100 tons of payload to musical instruments or Mars, or 100 people on long interplanetary voyages, while Saturn 5’s payload to the moon is only 45 tons.
Starship’s second stage consists of six thrusters, three of which are used in the atmosphere, providing 200 tons of thrust and burning for 330-355 seconds.
In order to adapt to the operation in space, it has three other vacuum thrusters with larger nozzles, which can provide 220 tons of thrust and burn continuously for 380 seconds.
Starship’s fuselage is made of stainless steel and has heat insulation panels made of solid ceramics, which can maximize heat dissipation area, and these ceramic heat insulation panels can be completely reused with low maintenance costs.
Whether it’s weight, total height or maximum thrust, Starship has surpassed Saturn 5, the most capable rocket in the history of mankind.
In addition, how to achieve orbital refueling during the interstellar journey is also a key step to establish a base on the moon or Mars.
Mask said SpaceX will use space propellant transfer technology to deliver more than 100 tons of cargo to the moon or Mars surface.
Why not use the space station?
“In fact, docking is more difficult than orbital refueling,” Musk said.
Go! Colonizing Mars, Star Trek
Musk’s ultimate goal, of course, is to fly to the moon, Mars and beyond.
In his vision, Starship will take on a large number of cargo and personnel transportation services, which are essential for the construction of a lunar base and a Mars city.
In a Twitter release on Friday, he wrote:
Starcraft will enable us to live in other worlds.
Make humans multi-planetary species.
In this live broadcast, we saw more clearly the “ultimate brain hole” of Musk and SpaceX, the concept of Mars City.
Imagine taking the most advanced interstellar spacecraft and shuttling between the stars to achieve long-term interstellar travel.
And that’s not all. Musk said Starship could also achieve point-to-point transportation around the Earth, which would take only a few minutes for Intercontinental flights.
No wonder netizens can’t help longing for such a picture.
To quote popular science blogger NASA enthusiasts, what is the name of Mars’s first city in the future? Musk, that’s right.
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