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2019-09-28 14:32
This article is transferred from the Wechat Public No. ID: Modernstory, originally titled “The Story of this Generation will End when the Light Core Burns Out”, by the author: Modernstory, cover from Visual China.
The Buddha said, “Look at the lamp wick, which is blue and purple, burning up, and the story of this generation is over.”
Before high school, Han Han liked to ride a woman’s bicycle in the county lanes, very fast, people sent the nickname of the fastest man in Tinglin Town. On the first day of high school in Songjiang No. 2, he stood in front of the platform and said:
I am Han Han, Han Han’s Han, Han’s Han. Since then, no one has dared to call the second one the first one when writing articles in No. 2 Middle School of Songjiang.
The classroom was full of joy and laughter.
In the first Chinese lesson, Han told the teacher that the best way to say his Chinese is to be modest and, accurately speaking, the best in the city. Han Han’s parents were invited to school. Han Han was asked to apologize. Han refused to comply. His mother was furious and asked him to get out. He rolled on the ground with his schoolbag and rolled out in circles.
Since then, the teacher of Songjiang No. 2 Middle School has been a little worried about Han Han.
He is rebellious and aggressive, and often finds fault in textbooks to argue with his teachers. The students clapped their hands and said they had found it well, Han Han said ironically: How dare you not point it out? It’s like dying without saving, because of human cowardice. On his desk, he coded books into walls, blocked the teacher’s eyes, and then peeked at some strange books, one after another.
When he returned to his dormitory in the evening, he often said to his roommate in the next shop, “The world writes in Chinese, Qian Zhongshu is the first and I am the third.” The roommate couldn’t ask who was the second, and asked blankly, “Who is Qian Zhongshu?”
One night in the winter of 1998, Qian Zhongshu died when the TV in the classroom showed “News Broadcast”. Han Haoran got up, went to the TV, stared at it for a long time, turned to his classmates and said, “In the future, I will be the second in the world to write articles. There is only Li Ao in front of me.”
That year, he was a freshman in senior high school. He came home for a week to recover from scabies. During that time, he wrote “Seeking a doctor”, which was also his first draft for participating in the New Concept Composition Contest. The first New Concept Composition Competition coincides with the enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, and the first prize winners are escorted to prestigious schools. Ye Zhaoyan, the writer of the contest judges, has no bottom in his heart. “It is likely that such a session will be yellow.” Li Qigang, Director-General of the contest, is prepared for the possibility that the last decent article will not be found.
It was the first official appearance since 1980. Before that, they were called the Little Emperor, the Little Sun, the greenhouse flowers, the first generation of the collapse.
Han Han, a 16-year-old, wrote the article “Peeping in the Cup”, which began with the root of national inferiority. He became famous at one stroke, dropped out of school and published a book. Triple Gate was a best seller in the whole country. He walked alone in the wind and was wild and arrogant. In 2000, he went to CCTV Dialogue, hosted by scholars for half a month, and advised Han Han as if he were saving a lost teenager.
Han Han’s tongue warred all over the hall. He is unwilling to trust rules blindly.
That year, 18-year-old Guo Jingming was still a junior high school student in Fushun County, Zigong, Sichuan Province, but he had learned how to adapt to the rules. He also rebelled like Han Han, quarrelled, slammed doors and publicized walking, but after the third year of senior high school, he began to eyebrows and eyebrows, and always walked quickly with his schoolbag on his back and against the wall after school.
Even when he talks to his teachers and classmates, he has to think over how to speak gracefully and appropriately. Because the teacher’s evaluation can affect the delivery. He wants to go to Shanghai in his dreams. He said he was rooted in Shanghai, where his vagus nerve was hidden. Friends told him that Fudan’s admission notice looks like a marriage certificate. He answered: Fudan I love you, please marry me.
He hoped to change his life with a new concept contest.
He carefully studied the style of the winners of the first two awards, wrote seven articles, each with 5000 words, and then bought seven magazines of “Germination” and cut out seven application forms. The classmates sneer, must get a prize back oh, if not get will laugh dead oh. Seven letters started from a small town in Sichuan, rolling forward to Shanghai.
In that oil lamp, two wicks grew entangled. One is full of the last intention of the enlightening trend of thought, and the other is full of the desire deposited in the 1990s.
Guo Jingming won the first prize for new concept, but the delivery prize was cancelled.
In 2002, he failed in college entrance examination composition, did not go to Chengxia University, but eventually went to Shanghai. He got off the plane with his suitcase and looked for a map to study how to take the subway to Baoshan Campus of Shanghai University. The taxi cost 300 yuan. I can’t imagine it at all. At school, the eyes were full of local students who were picking up and delivering by private car. Peers with cola and sunglasses have nannies, brand name.
He majored in film and television director. At the beginning of the school, the teacher asked that everyone buy a camera, a DV and a high-configuration computer. After a week of hesitation, he called home. At the other end of the phone, my mother hesitated: Are these things for learning? The teacher said yes, didn’t he?
It was a full month before Mother sent him the money. He said he never asked how the money came to him. In the same year, Han went to Beijing and lived near Wangjing West Garden. In that year, there were not five rings in Beijing and few bars in Houhai. Sandstorms often swept the city like madmen. Han Han stood in front of the window of a tall building and said he was lonely like a toilet twister.
He smashed all the royalties from Triple Gate into the car, and several friends formed a speeding motorcade. A year later, he took part in the national championship. The driver of the big convoy drove past his eyes, stepped on the accelerator, cracked, and the exhaust pipe rang aggressively. When he stepped on the accelerator, he cracked, but it was the sound of the car breaking and the exhaust pipe falling on the ground.
In the first year of the competition, Han Han fell into the ditch in the first stage. The onlookers applauded desperately: turn it over again! Turn it over again! All his friends in the racing circle who play with him have money. A friend saw that he had no fixed abode and wanted to sell him a second ring house for 800 yuan per square meter.
Han Han refused. Although he still has tens of thousands of dollars on his account, it’s money to buy racing tyres.

In 2005, Han started his blog. There is no difference between the content box and the track. They are all storms. He is as sharp as yesterday. His list of pen battles grew up, including Yu Qiuyu, Chen Kaige, Chen Yifei, Baiye, Lu Chuan, Gao Xiaosong and Li Ao whom he once worshipped. Every altar is an altar, and every wreath is a wreath. In his music album 18 Prohibitions, he said: in the age of no idol, everything is eliminated year by year, people still exchange courtesy, but their hearts are bad.
Finally, he focused on public events.
On his blog, he discussed earthquake reconstruction, melamine and road change. The media called him a “young citizen”, “opinion leader”, “hope of a new generation of China”, and even a magazine headlined: Han Han was elected mayor.
Chen Danqing commented on Han Han and said:
At his age, he can express his opinions by looking around the world and at what is happening in his country. Usually when we are talking about national affairs, we have a set of languages. In his generation, at last, this set of language has disappeared. It is entirely personal language that talks about national affairs.
Later, he founded the magazine Solo. The magazine, which survived only one issue and was pulped, sold more than 100,000 on its first day. Luo Yonghao, Zhou Yunpeng, Shikang and others have contributed to the first issue of the magazine.
In 2008, Han Han’s blog had more than 500 million visitors. People are used to seeing what Han Han said after major events. Liang Wendao said that Han Han at that time could become Lu Xun if he wrote for a few more years.
Guo Jingming was six years earlier than Han Han in making magazines. In 2004, on his birthday, he set up the “Island” studio and served as editor-in-chief of the “Island” magazine series, which published ten magazines successively. Because his net name is the fourth dimension, the Cenozoic call it “Four Masters” or “Little Four”. Just as Han Han did not hide his sharpness, Guo Jingming did not hide his worship of gold.
His parallel world, like flashy dreams, satisfies teenagers’social imagination. In 2007, he sold 800,000 copies of “Minimum Theory” in a single issue. In 2009, Guo Jingming spent nine digits of RMB to buy the old residence of Aunt Wang Jingwei.
There are three row villas in Jing’an District, Shanghai. The walls of the villas are inlaid with reliefs, and the reception room is hung with Baroque chandeliers, surrounded by precious antiques. There are only four kinds of mineral water, all imported, according to the proportion of minerals and the source of water.
Guo Jingming likes to nest in the sofa, raise his legs, and examine his small world and his childhood. He felt Han’s anger was meaningless:
Even if you like and worship Han Han, how do you feel if 1.3 billion people in this country are Han Han Han? It’s not good for every writer to become like Han Han.
The wick was burning vigorously and the flames were flickering.
Guo Jingming’s distinguished person is Tripoli, vice president of Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House. He helped Guo Jingming to make a list of the wealthy writers, to make progress in collaboration, to go to the New York Times, and to deal with plagiarism scandals.
He said that it was all kinds of joint efforts that made Guo Jingming. He caught up with such an era. In fact, he himself was nothing.
In 2008, Art Life invited Guo Jingming to interview artist Huang Yongyu. At the end of the program, Huang Yongyu sent Guo Jingming a letter: Wulu Yueyue, Zhu Yun folded his horn.
Guo Jingming was touched by his big book on his blog, describing him and Huang Yongyu as friends who forgot their years. He thought it was evidence of acceptance by the circle. Shortly afterwards, a reporter from Shenzhen Business Daily visited Huang Yongyu. During the interview, Guo Jingming was mentioned. The reporter asked: Do you like this generation?
The old man didn’t think about it, and relentlessly denied that he didn’t like him very much, not at all. He couldn’t squeeze into the world, he could only indulge in the world he built. Dreams have been talked about so much that the truth can’t be distinguished from the truth. Dressed in gaudy clothes and dull banquets, he began to fear aging many years earlier.
He drinks bird’s nest every day, takes various pills, and tests various antioxidant foods, such as juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables. At the age of 28, he made his first will and revised it every six months. In 2011, he became the richest Chinese writer for the third time, ranking 52nd in Forbes’list of Chinese celebrities.
His company’s most worldly culture, occupying 75% of the youth literature market, that year, his “Little Age” also moved to the big screen, the deposition of desire finally burned to the peak. In 2013, Southern Weekend awarded Guo Jingming the title of “China Dream Practitioner”. The reason for winning the prize is that he grasped the small opportunities of the great age. With his ingenuity, talent and diligence, he created his own childhood.
Guo Jingming expelled home from Rome for this award. He was in high spirits when he received the prize.
“For a long time, I thought in my heart that the young hero in the South Department was another one, and I was the opposite of him, but today I didn’t think it was me. I think it’s interesting to present this award to me today.
The young hero in his mouth was at the bottom of his life at that time.
The previous year, a war broke out between Han Han and Fang Zhouzi, and Han Han was deeply trapped in the “Dai Bimen”. At the end of the war, he was still exhausted. In an interview, he said, “The world does not care about one’s innocence and grievance at all.”
His penultimate blog is from his novel 1988:
I said to quicksand, let the wind blow me away. The quicksand said, “If you have no root, you will die immediately.” So I decided to struggle up, in fact, there is no effort. I left the quicksand and looked under my feet. Fuck, I wasn’t a plant. I was an animal. These grandchildren cheated me for more than twenty years.
Since then, he no longer pays attention to the collision between individual and society, but only talks about the emotions between people. In 2014, Han Han’s film “Endless Future” was released. He went to “happy base camp” to promote the film. Fans were heartbroken: you have changed!
Han Han then responded: I don’t care.
The story is so long that the frame is lost in the end. People can no longer remember the distant beginning, but can only be subtly influenced by new words and sentences.

In 2016, Guo Jingming’s dream began to collapse. At the very least, the sales of the series have fallen sharply, with annual losses reaching tens of millions; the production cost of the film “Juejie” is 150 million yuan, and the box office cost is at least 500 million yuan to get back, but the final result of “Juejie” is only 380 million yuan.
At the last stop of the road show in Shanghai, he cried and asked, “Is everything wrong because my name is Guo Jingming? Is it only when I die that you won’t scold The Tradition of the Knights?
Capital had flowed to him like a tide, and it had converged at the same rate. The times have recovered the wealth they have given and the sharpness they have given.
Han Han began to reflect on radicalism, quit school and reflect on the past. Fans said he was no longer sharp, he said:
“In everyone’s mind, I am a dancing teenager, carrying a big sword, to change the world. But don’t swords need money? Business is also a kind of talent. Many people with business talent are really changing the world…
The wick burned out. Regardless of the rebellious era or the flattering era, they have finally returned to the era.
This is the cycle that every generation must go through, from self-confidence on stage to hallucination in midfield to the realization at the end. What’s different is that this generation starts with too much enthusiasm, midfielders are too high and low, and the end is too memorable.
In 2017, Han Han filmed a short film for a game called Call of Duty. The name of this advertising film is “Gifted Can’t Kill”. In the film, Han Han decorates the triangle separately.
Director Han Han pointed a gun at writer Han Han and driver Han Han. Then three shots were fired.