First-line used cars with melon seeds announce that new spokesperson Ray Jiayin will increase advertising


Tencent News “Front Line” Wang Pan
On September 27, Chedu Group announced that, in view of the increasing number of young users, besides Sun Honglei, the second-hand spokesperson of Melon Seed will add a new spokesperson, Lei Jiayin, and launch a brand-new advertising film in early October.
The second-hand car of melon seeds said that winter is also an opportunity point. Although the automobile market overall declined in 2019, the second-hand car market still maintained a growth trend and huge market potential. In this context, melon seeds launched a nationwide open platform for purchase, and will increase advertising, continue to harvest the market in the peak season of “Golden Nine Silver Ten” automobile sales, expanding. Leading edge.
Lei Jiayin, the new spokesperson for used melon seeds, has become popular for her solid acting skills in popular dramas such as My First Half Life and White Deer Plain. Recently, Zhang Xiaojing has become a big fan in Chang’an Twelve Hours.
The second-hand car of melon seeds said that Lei Jiayin is popular with young people and has a very high degree of matching with the current user group of melon seeds. According to the big data of second-hand car consumption of melon seeds, in the second quarter of 2019, the post-85 and post-90 have become the most important consumer groups of second-hand cars. Among them, the number of post-90 users has increased by more than 65% year on year, and the number of post-95 sellers has increased by nearly 700% year on year. With the launch of the new advertising film, melon seeds are expected to join hands with Leijiayin to provide more diversified user groups.
At present, the second-hand car of melon seeds has constructed two business systems, namely, strict selection, direct sale and national purchase. With strict selection entering a steady stage of development and realizing a healthy cycle, a new growth curve will be created through the national open platform of purchase. Melon seeds used cars in the peak season to increase advertising, will play a role in promoting the two major businesses.
Yang Haoyong, CEO of Cheduo Group, said that the second-hand car of melon seeds has entered the stage of refined operation. In order to improve the user experience and promote the upgrading of used car services, melon seeds will further enhance the level of “online service”, enhance the transparency of the whole service process and user service self-service. In the future, consumers will be able to know about the vehicle on the shelf, vehicle condition detection, charge composition, transfer, service processing, payment processing progress and so on at any time and anywhere through mobile phones, and can apply for the services they need self-help. Melon seeds will achieve full coverage of service entries, faster service response, and better meet the user’s immediate needs.