Reading Group Co-operates with Microsoft Xiaobing to Publish “IP Wake-up Plan” of Network Literature


On September 25, Reader Group announced that it would join hands with Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute to launch the “IP Wake-up Plan” of AI Enabled Network Literature. Based on the 100 original novels and IP of the protagonist of Reading Group, Microsoft Xiaobing Avatar Framework reconstructs the virtual world outlook and knowledge system described in the novel after framework integrated learning, and endows 100 male protagonists of four categories with new interactive “life”. At present, the protagonists of the above-mentioned novels have been on-line in Red-sleeve Reading APP under Reading Group. Users can open their own plot and free dialogue, and experience the intimate interaction with private customized version of IP.
As the flagship brand of women’s reading under Reading Group, Red Sleeve Reading emphasizes technology-enabled emotions, and has innovatively launched role interaction functions from the beginning of its launch, including listing and responding to favorite roles, and personalized dubbing for the roles in the works. Through the creation of “24-hour Intelligent Accompaniment” and other functions, Red-sleeve Reading not only opened a new journey for AI to give birth to IP roles, but also broke the “fourth wall” between story and reality, thus achieving a leap from one-way output to two-way interaction, further consolidating the role of IP and readers. Emotional connection.
AI Enables Internet Literature “IP Wake-up Plan”
Virtual image, which can interact with users, has gradually become the fifth form of content output besides fiction, film and television, animation and cartoon. The Reading Group, in conjunction with Microsoft Xiaobing, launched the “IP Wake-up Plan” to strengthen the two-way interaction and emotional connection between IP roles and users. According to leaks, Reading Group will continue to develop deep cross-border cooperation in the form of the latest information technology, such as artificial intelligence, AR, VR, etc., based on the high-quality content of the platform. Through the role of IP in “wake-up” works, it will deeply excavate the real value of IP and lead the trend of virtual IP “activation”.
In this cooperation, the Reading Group selected 100 representative high-quality popular online literary works. On the basis of reading and learning the original works of the novel, Microsoft Xiaobing Avatar Framework rebuilt the structure and knowledge system of the virtual world in 100 novels, expanded and supplemented them, and thus established the content of the virtual world. Knowledge Atlas of a large number of people, entities and various kinds of knowledge. Based on the knowledge map, Microsoft Xiaobing Avatar Framework brings IP, the protagonist of 100 novels, into the real world, and brings dialogue, voice and skills based on their unique personality, as well as the creative ability of literary, music, painting and other works, as well as the corresponding knowledge system for virtual characters.
At present, this cooperation has been realized in Red-sleeved Reading APP of Reading Group. 100 male IP owners are divided into four personality settings: elite, school grass, electronic competition God and Xianjun. Platform users can enter “Red-sleeved boyfriend” in the “My” page of Red-sleeve, adopt their favorite roles and harvest exclusive new male gods. At the same time, users can also enter a specific story with the exclusive male god in the reading gap, or communicate freely, and can also harvest “24-hour intelligent companionship”.
In addition, through the completion of small tasks to accumulate a good sense, but also unlock the plot lines and special skills, such as “Xianjun divination for you”, “elite push for you” and so on. The two sides said that in the future, each role will be more independent in the distinction of performance based on the initial personality, making it more in line with the language habits, personality characteristics, knowledge system and plot background of the protagonist in the original text. In the future, more skills will be tried, including voice access.
It is worth noting that this cooperation has also realized the personalized customization of IP roles. Users can set and cultivate the personality of the protagonist IP through their own understanding of the personality characteristics of the protagonist, so as to make the personality and behavior displayed more in line with their expectations. In the process of interaction and communication, the exclusive male god’s IP role will also deepen the understanding of readers’preferences. Through user portraits and content brains built by Reading Group, users’ intentions and content can be accurately matched and novel intelligent recommendation can be made. The way of user interaction and feedback not only enriches the knowledge map of the bottom of virtual persona IP, but also makes it possible to customize IP privately.
Iterative upgrade of artificial intelligence technology makes the intelligent interaction of virtual IP develop rapidly. While filling the social vacancy of users, virtual IP and reading are really improved by satisfying the personalized needs of users for IP roles based on the development of the original plot and by linking the emotional interaction with a wider range of roles. The high strength stickiness between them. It can be said that the deep cooperation of “AI + IP” not only enhances the two-way interaction between virtual IP and users, but also opens up a new face and direction of global IP derivative development.
Breaking the “Fourth Wall” of IP Derivative Development
As a leading industry digital reading platform and literary IP cultivation platform, Reading Group has a large number of high-quality IP, such as “full-time master”, “ghost blowing lamp”, “Langyabang”, and has carried out many rounds of exploration on the form of IP derivative development. Previously, the Reading Group cooperated with Microsoft Xiaobing on the basis of “Full-time Master”. Microsoft Xiaobing, through reading and learning the original novel of “Full-time Master”, realized three complements and personality and language habits that conform to the five national high-quality IP roles of Yexiu, Huang Shaotian, Zhou Zekai, Wang Jiexi and Yu Wenzhou. Fitting.
Li Di, Vice President of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, said: “The previous mainstream perception of’omniscient’or’omnipotent’ artificial intelligence is not enough to become the basis of digital characters, and the industry is gradually aware that a more low-level emotional computing framework can become the basis for evolution. Microsoft Xiaobing Avatar Framework enables all AIs to have a complete framework similar to Xiaobing, and endows virtual IP with new features such as high concurrency, rich interaction and mass customization, which further strengthens the emotional bond between virtual characters and human users.
The “IP Wake-up Plan” is the key step for Reader Group to promote IP derivative development from one-way output to two-way interaction.

At present, the prevailing IP development in the market has realized the diversified form from film and television development to the interaction of video and audio roaming around, and enlarged the social and commercial value of the works from the writers and platforms. But these IP derivatives tend to output in one way, that is, “I make, you accept”, and the one-way information and content transmission makes the user’s feedback unable to be delivered in time, resulting in the derivative development of IP roles can not meet the user’s expectations of “1000 Hamlet”.
The cooperation between the Reading Group and its Red-sleeve Reading Group and Microsoft directly strengthens the plasticity of IP roles and broadens the boundaries of IP personification from the AI learning scale, thus satisfying users’reading preferences for social sharing and deep emotional substitution, and further closing the psychological distance between the work IP, role IP and users. 。 The introduction of artificial intelligence makes the hero in the novel provide users with free and open feedback space through similar forms of cultivation. Users can input what they want to say and ask questions, and participate in personalized IP development. Enabled by AI, IP derivative development of network literature breaks the barrier between “users and IP roles” and the “fourth wall” between story and reality.
As a new way of IP derivation, IP role has become the “pioneer” of intelligent interactive play while being endowed with “vitality” by AI. Through the combination of user feedback and cultivation, intelligent IP roles can get rid of the limitations of original characters, achieve truly autonomous personification and self-renewal, and further promote personalized IP customization becomes possible. At the same time, as the largest AI-enabled IP role since artificial intelligence technology joined hands with network literature, this cooperation also means the acceleration of virtual IP production.
“The true value of IP has not yet been fully exploited.” Luo Li, senior vice president of Reading Group, said that reading will promote the role “activation” from one-dimensional to two-dimensional and then to three-dimensional in the light of developing science and technology, break the “fourth wall” between story and reality, realize the leap from one-way output to two-way interaction, and strengthen the role of IP and readers. Emotional connection will further realize the leading position of Reading Group in IP cultivation.
At present, Reading Group has realized the whole cycle of IP cultivation and production through AI technology. On the content side, natural language technology is used to assist content auditing and speed up high quality content flow efficiency; on the distribution side, Reading Group carries out personalized distribution and efficient cultivation of potential IP works based on abundant intelligent recommendation technology; on the IP development side, AI technology can carry out intelligent analysis and recognition based on the demand of IP commercialization. Do not meet the market demand for high-quality IP.
Regarding the future of “IP Wake-up Plan” of network literature, Reader Group said that “AI immersive reading”, “AI commentary interaction” and “AI reading” may be the next destination of IP intelligent development. Driven by technology and creativity, IP will continue to evolve and adapt to the development of the times, improve its self-upgrading, and fully demonstrate the “real value under sea level”.