Reading and Microsoft Xiaobing Publishing “IP Wake-up Plan” AI Activating Novel Characters


At noon on September 25, Sina Technological News announced that Reading Group will cooperate with Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute to launch the “IP Wake-up Plan” for AI Enabled Network Literature.
According to reports, the above plan aims to strengthen the two-way interaction and emotional connection between IP roles and users. Based on the 100 original novels and IP of the protagonist of Reading Group, Microsoft Xiaobing Avatar Framework reconstructs the virtual world outlook and knowledge system described in the novel after framework integrated learning, expands and supplements it, and thus establishes a knowledge map with a large number of characters, entities and various knowledge associations.
Enabled by AI, IP derivative development of network literature breaks the barrier between users and IP roles. Specifically, the intervention of AI enables the hero in the novel to provide users with free and open feedback space through similar forms of cultivation. Users can input what they want to say, questions they want to ask, and participate in the development of personalized customized IP.
At present, the protagonists of the above-mentioned novels have been on-line in Red Sleeve Reading App under Reading Group, with which users can talk. Reading Group said that the current attempt is to chat in the form of dialogue, but in the future it is possible to upgrade to voice dialogue, or even expand to three-dimensional image, using AR, VR, holographic projection technology and users to open a more vivid interaction, so that IP can truly enter the reality. “We believe that the real value of IP is far from being fully explored. IP will continue to evolve and adapt to the times driven by technology and creativity, and complete self-upgrading.
Li Di, Vice President of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, said: “The previous mainstream perception of’omniscient’or’omnipotent’ artificial intelligence is not enough to become the basis of digital characters, and the industry is gradually aware that a more low-level emotional computing framework can become the basis for evolution. Microsoft Xiaobing Avatar Framework enables all AIs to have a complete framework similar to Xiaobing, and endows virtual IP with new features such as high concurrency, rich interaction and mass customization, which further strengthens the emotional bond between virtual characters and human users. (Li Nan)