Forty-five Google employees reported unfair treatment: discrimination and sexual harassment at the company


According to Fox News website, 45 Google employees claimed in an internal document compiled by themselves that they had suffered unfair treatment such as gender discrimination, promotion failure, harassment and retaliation.
These employees recently organized protests against the company. In the weeks of April, they collected 45 different charges and compiled the document. Recode, the foreign media, first exposed the existence of the document at the beginning of this month, and Motherboard, the foreign media, obtained the complete document and made it public.
In the document, the charges were titled “Punished for reporting pornographic jokes”, “I exposed a colleague”, “No one dared to reveal the truth” and “Being a good girl”.
“When I was sexually harassed by the team leader in my previous team, I immediately reported this to my manager. But the manager told me,’I’m overreacting and I should let it go when it’s over’,’wrote one employee.
Another Google employee wrote: “My first manager at Google often made inappropriate jokes, humiliating team members in front of them and behind them, changing team priorities every day, being biased and treating men and women differently.”
These allegations come at a time when Google is in deep water: both former and current employees have recently launched charges against Google under the names of sexual harassment, discrimination, unequal pay and retaliation. At the end of last year, at least 20,000 Google employees around the world left their offices to protest the technology giant’s huge payments to executives who had been accused of misconduct.
“At a meeting, my technical director sexually harassed me. After I reported this to the human resources department, they conducted a survey. Then they decided to transfer me to another project. I didn’t agree until I told them that I would report it to Equal Employment Opportunities, they agreed to let me stay on the existing project team, “the leaked document wrote.
“I reported a colleague who made a joke about the black people. The Human Resources Department did not draw any conclusions. I had the opportunity to promote the team’s technical director, but now I can’t even accept lunch invitations, “wrote another employee.
Google has said it has taken a series of measures to improve transparency and the process of reporting problems. Google employees can now view the detailed process of explaining the investigation mechanism. In addition, they can attend conferences on harassment or discrimination with the company of a colleague. Sexual harassment is listed separately in the company’s annual survey report.
“It takes courage to report misconduct, and we hope to provide care and support to those who dare to point out problems. We will strictly investigate all reported misconduct. Over the past year, we have also been streamlining the process of employee reporting and making our internal investigation procedures more open and transparent. We are trying to be as open as possible about the way complaints are handled and the actions taken, “Eileen Naughton, Vice President of Personnel, wrote in an email statement. (wood)