The number of registered users of Ping An Hao Doctors exceeded 300 million in the first half of the year, with an average daily consultation volume of more than 650,000.


DoNews September 23 (Reporter to Secret) Ping An Hao Doctor announced that the number of registered users has exceeded 300 million. According to official disclosure data, at the end of June 2019, the number of active users per month reached 62.7 million, and the average daily consultation volume in the first half of 2019 exceeded 650,000.
It is reported that Ping An Hao has created the service mode of “Internet + artificial intelligence + 1000 people’s own medical team”, working with offline drugstores and hospitals to provide users with one-stop services covering 7*24 hours online consultation, referral, registration, inpatient arrangement, second medical advice and 1 hour delivery.
At the same time, Ping An Hao doctors put forward 4+1 strategy of hospital cloud, drugstore cloud, clinic cloud, village doctor cloud and internationalization, including helping the government and hospitals reduce burden and increase efficiency, enabling drugstores to create new retail formats, comprehensively improving the level of diagnosis and treatment at the grass-roots level, and assuming social responsibility for public welfare, and working closely with local governments to promote “village doctors”. ” Project to expand and improve the medical ecosphere.
In August 2019, when Pinghao Doctor officially launched the strategic innovative product Pinghao Doctor Private Doctor, it had reached cooperation with 29 industry giants around the world and signed a total amount of 300 million yuan. Based on this service, users can not only enjoy one-to-one exclusive expert doctor online consultation services, 7 x 24 hours all-weather care and other high-quality medical and health services, but also have an electronic health file and customized health management plan. (end)