Snap’s Voldemort Project exposes Facebook’s aggressive competition strategy


According to foreign media reports, Snapchat, the parent company of photo-sharing application Snapchat, is discussing with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) various ways Facebook can hinder competition, including banning the mention of Snap in well-known Facebook accounts.
Over the past decade, Facebook has used a variety of means to suppress competitors, steal their good ideas, or buy them directly, the report said. Among them, competitor Snap keeps a document called Project Voldemort, which records how Facebook tried to thwart Snap’s competition, including preventing some well-known Facebook users from mentioning Snap and blocking Snap content.
The FTC talks with Snap are part of a broader investigation into Facebook’s business practices, the report said. As a broader survey, FTC has contacted dozens of technology executives and application developers.
According to Gene Kimmelman, senior adviser to the consumer group Public Knowledge, FTC is investigating Facebook’s behavioral model, which is how to prevent competitors from threatening Facebook’s core business.
In February last year, Billy Gallagher, a former author of TechCrunch, an American technology blog, published an article saying that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, was interested in acquiring Snap, but was rejected by Evan Spiegel, Snap CEO.
In 2012, Zuckerberg launched Snapchat’s cloning product “Poke” in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Snapchat. It wasn’t until mid-2016 that Facebook launched Instagram Stories, which was a big success. (Li Ming)