Ali’s “1000 US Dollars per Mu” Five Innovative Models for Overall Upgrading


Original Title: Ali’s “1000 US Dollars per Mu” Five Innovative Models for Overall Upgrading
On September 22, the Alibaba Group’s data screen attracted many people to watch at Zhaoquanying Xinglong Tianli Agricultural Park, Shunyi District, Beijing, where the Chinese farmers’harvest festival was held in 2019. Two sets of data on the screen are striking: 800 million farm goods have been upgraded and 370,000 live harvest festivals have been held.
“Mobile phones have become a new tool, live broadcasting has become a new life, and data has become a new farmer. Alibaba wants to create a harvest festival that never ends. Fang Jiansheng, Vice President of Alibaba Group, introduced on the spot.
(Alibaba’s outdoor exhibition board at the Chinese Farmers’Harvest Festival venue. )
It is understood that this autumn, the Alibaba Aggregation Group has 13 agricultural-related businesses, linked 1,000 core agricultural production areas and 832 poverty-stricken counties at the national level, creating a harvest festival comparable to double-eleven-magnitude. Inner Mongolia sheep go south to Shenzhen, Fujian abalone go north to Zhengzhou, Guangxi pitaya fruit is popular in Xi’an…
Before Ali Harvest Program, nearly 800 million agricultural products were sold. A total of 370,000 live broadcasts of characteristic agricultural products were held, far exceeding the original 100,000, and more than 700 million people watched. It is expected that by the end of the harvest festival, the number of agricultural products will exceed 1 billion.
Behind the carnival of the whole people and the harvest festival of increasing farmers’income, Alibaba’s plan of “1,000 US dollars per mu” has been upgraded completely. Five innovative modes, including live broadcasting, scientific and technological assistance to farmers, infrastructure empowerment, poverty alleviation in one county, and contract selling in base, have been put on full display.
Second Speed “Salesman”: From County Magistrate + Net Red Belt to Mass Training Village Broadcasting
(On September 17, Alibaba’s 2009 Harvest Festival Public Welfare Live Broadcast Festival reached a transaction of 26.4 million yuan in three hours. )
Taobao live broadcasts “take goods in seconds” to bring up the rhythm of Harvest Festival selling out agricultural products.
On September 17, Alibaba’s 2009 Harvest Festival public welfare live broadcast ceremony, “county magistrate + net red + star” three hours live broadcast, attracted 34 million people to watch, set a new record of 26.4 million yuan, an increase of 164% over the same period last year.
It is understood that during the harvest festival, Alibaba jointly organized 370,000 live broadcasts of characteristic agricultural products, more than 700 million people watched them, and more than 3.3 billion interactive comments were received.
More than 1000 net Honghe County Magistrates incarnate as “super salesmen” of agricultural products all over the country. Xinjiang Tori County beef jerky, 30 seconds sold 1,200 kg; Fujian Pinghe Guanxi grapefruit, 10 minutes sold out 450,000 kg; Shanxi Pingshun pepper sprouts sauce, 30,000 bottles were instantly emptied…
“A Via is worth a small e-commerce.” During the harvest festival in Yunnan, Weiya, the first anchor of Taobao, sold more than 30 million yuan for Yunnan’s special products in one live broadcast, and 1.1 million flower cakes were sold out in 3 minutes with 1.3 tons of Yunnan coffee in 2 seconds and 1.1 million flower cakes in 4.91 million fans.
Ali’s “live broadcasting with agricultural products” model has been officially affirmed. Taobao anchor Via and Martyr Baby were selected as the top ten online salesmen and Tao Girl Demi as the top ten harvest messengers in the “Top Ten” selection guided by the office of China Peasant Harvest Festival.
Taobao “Village Broadcasting” project launched in March this year has covered 31 provinces and municipalities in China, and a large number of farmers’webcasters are emerging in the field. In cooperation with Alibaba, the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province will train 1,000 rural anchors, covering 96 businesses in the province to enter rural demonstration counties; in Henan Province, Ali will cultivate village broadcasting for 100 counties to create IP for poverty alleviation.
Agricultural “Black Technology”: From AI Pig Raising to AI Beekeeping
(Alibaba Intelligent Beekeeping System is expected to increase the production of 300,000 beekeepers in China by 20 percent in the future. )
Hard-working bees live in “smart home” equipped with air-conditioning.
Recently, Alibaba Intelligent Apiculture System, representing the latest technology of beekeeping in China, participated in the World Apiculture Congress sponsored by the International Bee Federation. In the previous tests, Pingwu Honey sales in Sichuan ranked first online brand for three consecutive years.
During the harvest festival, Ali Intelligent Beekeeping System will be fully promoted to the industry, which is expected to increase the production of 300,000 bee farmers by 20%. China’s annual honey output accounts for one fourth of the global total supply. The application of this system is no different from a “technological revolution” in the beekeeping industry.
The “smart home” built for bees embodies high technology everywhere: infrared ray records the number of incoming and outgoing bees to “punch in and out of work”; speech recognition system can monitor the invasion of foreign enemies, internal contradictions and the health of Queen bees; GPS and Beidou double stars positioning beehives can alarm the vibration movement and avoid the loss of beehives.
Alibaba will also build a quality honey certification platform for China’s apiculture industry based on large data of beekeeping and artificial intelligence technology, so as to achieve no adulteration and traceability.
Scientific and technological innovation leads the development of modern agriculture. Through the “1000 US dollars per mu” program, Alibaba will accumulate and develop its own large data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence and other latest advanced technologies, which are widely used in agricultural industry. Last year, Alibaba released ET Agricultural Brain to achieve AI pig “three more offspring”.
Logistics “Upper Speed”: Fresh Delivery by Sea, Land and Air, Express Brother into “Lark Bird”
(Alibaba has made fresh agricultural products available nationwide by improving rural logistics infrastructure. )
Grassland sheep keep fresh for 48 hours in Shenzhen, and Dongshan fish live for 24 hours in Henan.
During the harvest festival, from Dongshan in Fujian Province to Xiangshan in Zhejiang Province, from Yangcheng Lake to the prairie, agricultural products of authentic origin from mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, through Alibaba fresh “package mail” throughout the country.
The backwardness of rural logistics, especially cold chain logistics, is one of the key factors that make it difficult for China’s agricultural products to ascend. It is understood that, due to insufficient cold chain protection, China loses hundreds of billions of yuan in fruit and vegetable alone every year.
In recent years, Alibaba has utilized the basic capabilities of logistics, payment, finance, Aliyun science and technology to provide all-round energy for fresh agricultural products through “sea, land and air” cold chain logistics such as UAVs, circulating water trucks and cold chain cars. Over the past five years, the rookie network has covered more than 700 counties and more than 30,000 villages in 29 provinces of China.
This year, Novelty Bird Network launched fresh storage and distribution centers in North ShangShang to achieve global cold chain distribution to consumers within 24 hours. According to the plan, fresh storage centers will cover 50 cities in the year.

CCTV’s “Chao Wen Tian” tracked the whole journey of “a truck of pitaya fruit in a thousand miles’cold chain”: pitaya fruit from Alibaba digital farm in Guangxi, which was transported to the box horse fresh store in Xi’an through 5 provinces and 10 counties. It lasted 21 hours. All links of cold chain logistics have strict standards and precise services.
During the harvest festival, rookie villages also jointly launched the “three larks” plan on Taobao live broadcasting: in the next year, more than 1000 agricultural products will be opened up on the “highway”, speed up the “green channel” of agricultural products, such as taking the first kilometre, priority delivery, and so on; establish a sourcing network to find more high-quality fresh agricultural products into the city; support express delivery; The younger brother acted as “Ambassador for Agricultural Assistance” and spoke for the agricultural products of his hometown.
“Accelerator” for Poverty Alleviation: Developing One County and One Industry, Sustainable and Reproducible
More and more impoverished counties embrace Ali’s “1000 US dollars per mu” plan. )
In the year of resolute victory in the fight against poverty, Ali Harvest Festival will land its home directly in the state-level poverty-stricken counties.
In Guangshan, Henan Province, Taobao anchor Via personally launched a campaign to endorse new tea oil products. She sold 1500 single tea oil in three minutes, equivalent to contracting 3,000 oil-tea trees, which increased the per capita income of 52 poor families by more than 1,000 yuan.
Ali’s “one county, one industry” project benefits 170,000 Mu and 8 million camellia seed oil trees in Guangshan County. From “product” to “industry”, Ali, with the strength of the economy, provides a one-stop solution for the poor areas to upgrade agricultural products at county level with market + brand, and creates regional brand of agricultural products.
Such poverty alleviation ideas are sustainable and replicable. “Guangshan Shibao”, including tea oil, has become a big IP popular online. The “Guangshan rural co-allocation model” created by the rookie network has made Guangshan the first “rural co-allocation demonstration county” in China.
Dangshan County in Anhui Province is known as the “Pear Capital”. The annual yield of crisp pears is 1.5 billion jin. As a regular public welfare broadcaster in Ali, every live broadcast this year, sales of Dangshan characteristic fruit products exceeded 1 million yuan, breaking the “magic spell” of high yield and poor harvest.
With the help of many agricultural departments in Ali, Dangshan County has developed deep processing and introduced “net red explosive products” such as pear paste and canned yellow peach, which not only improves the added value of agricultural products, but also breaks the seasonal restriction of increasing farmers’income.
It is understood that since the initiation of the “1,000 US dollars per mu” program, it has covered nearly 100 million people in 25 provinces and incubated more than 2,500 agricultural brands. According to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, in 2018, the Alibaba platform accounted for more than 70% of the national e-commerce platform in the network sales of poverty-stricken counties.
Digital “New Farmland”: Contracted Agriculture, Intelligent Agriculture
The fruitful harvest festival has also demonstrated for the first time Ali’s “1000 US dollars per mu” plan to upgrade the core of the base model.
In this year’s Ali Harvest Festival, more than 60 special products, such as Yongsheng Soft-Seeded Pomegranate and Xishuangbanna Bamboo Shoot, have been sold in Yunnan Province, which is rich in products. During the harvest festival, the aggregation budget known as Ali’s “relying on the Sword of Heaven” is expected to sell short 70 agricultural bases across the country.
(Xiangshui rice from Heilongjiang 10,000 Mu core production area enters the city dining table through Alibaba. )
Now, the people all over the country know that Inner Mongolia produces good rice, called “Xing’an League rice Zalai special flavor rice”. It sold nearly 30,000 units in five minutes during the harvest festival, and sold more than 600 tons of the brand in three days. In the past, it has never been able to make a brand, mostly in the form of raw grain by rice processing enterprises to buy.
To this end, Alibaba has cooperated with the local government to build “Xing’an League rice standard demonstration base”. Through the integration of agricultural technology and digital technology, Alibaba has promoted large-scale planting and standardized field management, the whole process of landing block chain tracing, and the construction of high standard demonstration farmland, so as to improve the rice quality from the source.
The paddy field of Xing’an League has stepped directly into the era of smart agriculture from the model of small-scale farmers. Field cameras, temperature and humidity control, soil monitoring, UAV aerial photography and other advanced equipment, real-time data as the core to help farmers precisely implement production decisions.
In addition, Ali has gathered marketing forces such as Tianmao, Cost-effective, Taobao Live Broadcasting, and worked with the local government to build the brand of “Xing’an League Rice Zalai Special Taste Rice”, and provided a series of upstream programs for agricultural products, such as rice standard upgrading, e-commerce talent cultivation and product marketing.
Every bag of rice can be traced back to the source, so that consumers can rest assured.
On September 18, CPC launched the theme activity of “Short-selling Chinese Granary”, gathering more than 100 kinds of special staple grain from 31 provinces and municipalities and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in order to present a gift for the 70th birthday of the founding of New China.