The top green premium for the iPhone 11 channel price is 700 yuan


Source: Finance Associated Press
Reporter: Qi Yeyun
Kechuang Ban Daily, 19, the reporter received a full range of quotations for the market channel of the iPhone 11. The quotation sheet showed that the price of the iPhone 11 was 200, with a premium of green and purple only, and a premium of 200 yuan for green full memory, such as 6799 yuan for 256G official website and 7000 yuan for channel. Except for green, the series of the iPhone 11 Pro broke all the way. Among them, the biggest drop was in the gray of the iPhone 11 Pro 64G, with an official price of 8699 yuan, a channel price of 8250 yuan, a direct drop of 449 yuan, and a maximum premium of 700 yuan for the green 256G and 512G of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.