Fifth Generation Apple Watch: The Unquenched Screen is the biggest change of all ages


This year’s Apple Watch Series 5 is the second product to appear at the fall of 2019; watches are much lower-key, like a quiet supporting role, than the prevailing rumors of the iPhone.
Apple Watch Series 5 was the second to appear at the fall press conference
In terms of the appearance of the new Apple Watch, this year is a small year. Compared with the previous generation, the appearance of the fifth generation watch is basically unchanged, and the strap charger and so on are also common. But when you open your watch, light it up and put it down, you can see the biggest changes in this generation of Apple Watch:
A never-extinguishing screen
This is the most remarkable change in Apple Watch this year. This function, called “Always-On” and “Always-On”, was initially inspired by Samsung/moto and other manufacturers on their smart tables, when users saw that the color dial went out and turned into a black-and-white monochrome display.
In this state, the dial made of OLED material enters the power-saving state and can display time without more information. For smart watches, Always-On only retains the most basic function as a watch, that is to see the time, black and white monochrome is mainly to ensure the durability.
Smart watches are not new, Samsung watches and so on.
Apple’s “always show” is a bit different, although late, but they have achieved the “people have my best” experience. So Apple Watch’s Always-On is real Always-On. You raise your wrist screen, light it up, put it down, but don’t put it out.
Fifth Generation Apple Watch Watch Waked Up
Turn off the screen and enter the Always-On state (the white background turns black and the second hand disappears)
The new screen, officially known as the All-weather Retinal Display Screen, can never go out. When the wrist is lowered, it lowers the brightness to the lowest level but still lights up. The dial pointer will change in some detail (for example, the second hand is gone), but it’s still roughly the same as the previous dial. On-screen plug-ins, such as ultraviolet index, calendar reminders, can still be seen in this state.
It’s still an OLED screen, but it’s changed internally.
New changes come from screen and corresponding software optimization. Before the fifth generation, Apple Watch actually used OLED screens. In theory, it could keep the screen bright, but at that time, the backing material of OLED panel was LTPS (cryogenic polycrystalline silicon). This material has not been optimized for the high performance of small and medium size OLED panels – in general, it consumes electricity in the lighting state, which is a big problem for watches with very small batteries.
On the fifth generation of Apple Watch, LTPO came. It lays an oxide layer on the basis of LTPS. The refresh rate can be adjusted to 1Hz at the lowest level without affecting the original display function. That’s the key to Apple Always-On, and its appearance also shows that Apple has completed the mass production of LTPO OLED screens.
Always-On comes with the change of substrate material
Apple previously had LTPO technology patent holdings
Environmental light sensors, power management and display driver changes were also mentioned at the conference. These hardware + software work together, users can see the ultimate effect of the all-weather retinal display screen, it does not significantly increase the power consumption, so that the screen is always bright skills achieved, and the watch still maintains the “18 hours” duration.
In addition to the substrate material, environmental light sensors, power management and display drivers have also been improved.
As for the endurance that many people care about, although the fifth generation of Apple Watch has always said that it is 18 hours, in fact, since the third generation, the actual use time is more than (or can be said to be far greater) 18 hours without too much wastage of watch batteries, and generally can reach 1.5 to 2 days.
After the first pairing, the battery charged to 100%. About 100 notifications popped up at 17:00 p.m., 20 minutes of outdoor walking training, 20 minutes of navigation, and the battery dropped to 0% at about 16:00 p.m. the next day. That is to say, it took about 23 hours altogether. The voyage has exceeded expectations.
The “Always Display” of the fifth generation of Apple Watch is turned on by default, and of course users can choose to turn it off, which may give it additional life. But because of the time relationship, the same state can be measured about three hours more. In addition, some media asked the relevant people on the spot of the release meeting whether they would “burn the screen” all the time, and the answer was No.
The screen is always on and the watch can still be used for more than 18 hours.
Apple Watch’s display function is always configured by the sensor of the watch. When you raise your hand, the watch lights up, which is no different from before; unlike when you put down your wrist, the watch screen will reach Always-On state. Its significance is that it will gradually change the habit of “raising your hand to look at time” with Apple Watch. Just look at your wrist and you can see the time.
The biggest change in the fifth generation of Apple Watch is to keep the screen on and save power.
At work, grabbing subway handrails, or talking to people, former Apple Watch users no longer need to flip their hands and wrists so loudly when watching time.
With hands down, Apple Watch will return to Always-On’s dial state; in some special cases, such as when the navigation is turned on and the wrist is lowered, it will display a time-only interface to save power.
In the non-dial interface, the screen is always on for only a few minutes.
Another new feature is the compass.
In addition to the visible screen changes, a new compass sensor is added inside the watch. The iPhone had a similar function before, pointing north of the magnetic field by detecting the Earth’s magnetic field, which was then presented on the watch through software algorithms.

In addition to pointing out the direction, it can also display the current coordinates, altitude and other data.
On the fifth generation of Apple Watch, the compass is a stand-alone App that can show elevation and horizontal angles, as well as directions, and can be used for its own maps. Open the App on your watch and you can see your direction manually, just like a traditional compass.
A compass on the wrist
In the post-conference experience area, Apple presented some demo applications using compass sensors, such as Night Sky, to find constellations in the night sky. There was no compass to correct the position of the moon before. Now there is a compass, skipping this step to find stars directly; another more practical example It’s Yelp, pointing at the restaurant with a compass.
Relevant people at Apple have determined that in the future, the compass API on watches will be open to third-party developers to create applications that need to be pointed to and expand usage scenarios.
Although Apple suggested that some metal straps might affect the compass, we tested all-metal Milanese straps without affecting pointing. However, third-party watchbands are varied, and users who need compass advice are cautious.
All-metal Milanese does not affect the compass
Emergency Call Function Automation
In addition to the screen and compass, the fifth generation of Apple Watch has added some details, such as the cellular data version, which supports emergency calls in 150 countries. Whether you enabled this feature or not, as long as the cellular data version is available, emergency calls can be dialed out in times of crisis (in fact, just like mobile phones without SIM cards). Call 110/119/120, etc.
Like the “fall detection” of previous generations, this function is designed for emergencies. This unusual function also reflects Apple’s mind: it automatically sets emergency phone numbers according to the location of the wearer, such as 911 in the United States. Once you have a crisis in a foreign country, it’s obviously too late to set it up now.
Emergency Call Automation for Countries and Regions
Previously, the well-known “fall detection” on the fourth generation of Apple Watch was retained on the fifth generation of watches. In addition, the watchOS 6 system also brings noise detection, menstrual cycle, fitness record trends and other functions.
Noise, Female Cycle, etc. are the functions of Watch OS 6 system updates
The former lets users pay attention to the noise around them that may damage their hearing, while the latter mainly concerns women. Trends in fitness records need to be viewed through App, the “fitness records” on the iPhone. For example, I seldom exercise recently, which will remind me to pay attention to the lack of exercise in the near future.
Trends in Fitness Records
These are all part of Apple’s growing Apple Watch healthy ecosystem. At first there were only three rings, and then more data, noise, menstruation and so on were all new elements.
Compared with the fourth generation, the fifth generation of Apple Watch is a minor improvement of + s. Its core processor has not changed (and it doesn’t cost much CPU application), but we still recommend that the original Apple Watch user upgrade, because the screen always displayed will change the way people interact with watches. Having been used to wearing the fifth generation back to the fourth generation, you will feel a little silly to turn your wrists and watch the time…
So even for fourth-generation users, I would recommend upgrading this year. The improvements brought about by this small screen are too obvious, and they are in the most visible place.
Apple Watch has changed the way Apple Watch interacts with people
In addition, this year Apple added two new material case, a variety of collocations dazzling. Talk about the purchase suggestions:
This generation of watches is still 40 and 44 mM in size, the same as the fourth generation, corresponding to the previous 38 and 42 mm models, the old band charger can be used.
This generation of Apple Watch has two new materials, more straps and hundreds of different combinations. In order to make it clear to users, Apple’s official website has joined the “Apple Watch Customization Workshop”. Users click the mouse to match their favorite watch case + strap combination for easy purchase.
There are many styles of watchcase straps, each of which has two sizes, so the page customization and selection function is on-line.
The fifth generation of Apple Watch has added a new titanium metal case, which is treated as a drawing process. Compared with polished stainless steel, once scratched, it will not be so obvious. Titanium is harder and lighter than stainless steel, which seems to be the weight of aluminium alloy in hand. Although this new material is classified under the “Apple Watch Edition” high-end series, the starting price is only 800 yuan more expensive than the stainless steel version, which is the cheapest in the current Edition series.
If the budget is between 5000 and 6000 yuan, or users of the original stainless steel watch, you can see this one if you want to change it this year.
Titanium metal case has two colors. The surface is treated by metal wire drawing process.
The second generation of ceramic watchcase appeared on the regression, the price is also the highest. The starting price of 9999 yuan is barely an entry-level price in the mechanical watches camp, but for the smart watches or the smart watches camp, 10,000 yuan is already the most luxurious choice. Users who want their watches to be decorative (to show their identity) can consider this one.
Users with a budget of $10,000 can also consider Hermes’version.
Ceramic material has also returned this year, becoming the most expensive style.
For more than 80% of users, aluminium alloy sports model is still the most affordable choice. Although the case looks less high-end than stainless steel titanium alloy, and the outer glass is still reinforced glass rather than sapphire glass, there is no difference in internal hardware and function with the more expensive style. The starting price of more than 3000 yuan can be changed every year. To accept.

As for GPS and cellular network versions. Because of the relevant policies, only a few provinces and municipalities in China have opened this business. If not in these provinces and municipalities, the GPS version is a more practical and affordable choice. Of course, it can’t make an emergency call without connecting to the mobile phone.
Cellular networks on mobile phones are still available only in several cities
In addition to the fifth generation of products, this year Apple will put the third generation of Apple Watch back on the shelves. Although it is an old design and does not have a full-scale screen of the fourth generation, the starting price is only 1499 yuan, and Apple hopes it will attract a wave of new users.
For those who haven’t touched Apple Watch before, second-generation watches now use batteries that are almost worn out by older users, the price is very lethal. Especially for those who are using other smart meters / smart bracelets with the iPhone, replacing Apple Watch will feel the seamless experience between Apple products.