Baidu Knows, Encyclopedia and other six knowledge products have produced more than 1 billion items


Journalist | Xiao Fang
On September 18, Ruan Yu, head of Baidu Knowledge Pitch Products, said in an interview with media such as Interface News that over the past decade, Baidu Knows, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Library and other six knowledge products have produced more than 1 billion pieces of content. In recent years, the trend is that the content of PGC, such as professionals and institutions, has grown rapidly.
According to their introduction, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Library and Baidu know that they have established cooperation with more than 7000 authoritative organizations such as the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, the Chinese Anti-cancer Association, the People’s Daily Digital Communication and the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Documentation Center. Baidu also launched the Encyclopedia project, which plans to launch at least 1,000 popular science content of diseases this year.
Baidu Encyclopedia and other products are also online short video content. At present, the average daily video playback of second understanding encyclopedia is more than 50 million times, with 600,000 + video content. This year, Baidu Encyclopedia will also explore video-based encyclopedia entries with professional content producers and institutions.
In addition, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Knows and other products are currently loaded with relevant service programs. If users browse the entries of the Palace Museum, they can purchase tickets directly through the mounted Ctrip smart program.
In terms of commercialization, Ruan Yu said that the company did not give the knowledge team a specific goal of commercialization, its team is “say no” role. At present, Baidu Library has some revenue from the fees mentioned above, Baidu Encyclopedia has some advertising revenue, and the principle of commercialization of knowledge products is to try not to interrupt users’reading experience.