Tongchuang Yongyi recently completed nearly 100 million yuan of B round financing


Founded in 2009, Tongchuang Yongyi is a high-tech enterprise with private cloud-related software, integrated solutions and services as its main business direction.
Investment circles (Wechat ID: pedaily2012) September 17, according to 36 krypton news, Beijing Tongchuang Yongyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tongchuang Yongyi”) recently announced the completion of nearly 100 million B round of financing, this round of investors for Xiaomiao Long Range and navigation. Earlier, Tongchuang Yongyi had received tens of millions of yuan of A round financing invested by AA.
After this round of financing, Tongchuang Yongyi will upgrade its strategy from the following two aspects: on the one hand, Tongchuang Yongyi will be positioned as a future-oriented organizational toughness service provider, aiming at helping enterprises in all walks of life to build IT organizational toughness and business continuity as the ultimate goal, and integrating the existing business into seven plates to meet future customers. Requirements for various business scenarios. On the other hand, Tongchuang Yongyi will further promote the development of cloud disaster preparedness as a service (DRaaS) market with its partners, realize disaster management of hybrid cloud, and provide disaster recovery services for medium and small enterprises.
Founded in 2009, Tongchuang Yongyi is a high-tech enterprise with private cloud-related software, integrated solutions and services as its main business direction. Tongchuang has more than 20 software copyright and IStorM software series products in well-known operation and maintenance field. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise and double soft certification enterprise. Users have expanded to various key industries. They have rich experience in case and support services in finance, petrochemical industry, education, military industry, government, logistics and manufacturing. A multi-million-dollar solution Exhibition Center has been set up in Beijing, which covers hardware and software commonly used in data centers. Product platform can help customers complete the management of analog data center, display and test the software needed by users, and provide complete training for customers and partners.
Tongchuang Yongyi currently has seven core products, including disaster preparedness operation management platform, business continuity management platform, risk and emergency management platform, IT capacity resilience analysis platform, IT operation monitoring management platform, as well as chaotic engineering solution and 3D visualization solution, aiming to help users recover from IT system disasters.( DR and Business Continuity Management (BCM) systems realize visualization, automation, intelligence and cost optimization.
Up to now, Tongchuang Yongyi has successfully served 26 global and China’s top 500 enterprises, with more than 100 enterprise-level customer service experience. From 2016 to 2019, the company’s revenue grew steadily. The total contract value in 2018 is nearly double that in 2017, with revenue increasing by 50%. It is estimated that the company’s contract revenue will reach 100 million yuan in 2019. At present, the company adopts light assets operation mode, the main cost is focused on R&D.
Fang Zhenghao, partner of Xiaomiao Langcheng, the investor in this round, said that the domestic market in the field of business continuity has great development prospects. The application-level disaster recovery requires high comprehensive capabilities of service companies and has significant barriers. However, few domestic manufacturers have complete service capabilities. Compared with foreign counterparts, domestic market supply is seriously inadequate. 。 Tongchuang Yongyi’s technological strength, service and delivery capability is already the industry leader.
Chuang Shichao, a partner of Pilot New Territories, said that Tongchuang Yongyi, with its leading products in the field of business continuity and disaster preparedness, has created a new business model and become the champion brand in the track, which has huge imaginative space in the future.
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