China Internet Association holds a new election: Shang Bing is elected president


Source: China Internet Association
On September 12, the Fifth Congress of the Chinese Internet Association and the first meeting of the Fifth Council were successfully held in Beijing, presided over by Hu He-quan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of the Fourth Council. Wang Xinzhe, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ren Xianliang, President of the China Federation of Network Social Organizations, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. More than 300 members participated in the meeting, including representatives of China Federation of Network Social Organizations, China Communications Society, China Communications Standardization Association, China Communications Enterprise Association, China Radio Association and Telecommunication Terminal Industry Association.
Wang Xinzhe pointed out that the intergenerational innovation of information and communication technology is driving the global economy and society to accelerate the transformation to network, digitalization and intellectualization, and its core engine status and role are increasingly apparent. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has formed a historic convergence with China’s accelerated transformation of the mode of economic development. Internet and real economy will be integrated and innovated in a wider scope, deeper degree and higher level. China’s Internet industry is facing an important strategic opportunity period.
Wang Xinzhe said that under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we should adhere to the new development concept, promote the sustained and healthy development of the Internet in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, and accelerate the pace of economic and social digital transformation.
First, we should strive to break through key core technologies.
Focus on the new direction of technological evolution, improve the technological innovation system of deep integration of industry, education and research, strengthen basic research, enhance the original innovation ability, and grasp the initiative of development.
Second, focus on building new infrastructure
Speed up the pace of 5G commercial, promote the construction of all-optical network, and build a new generation of high-speed, intelligent, ubiquitous, safe and green information network. Accelerate the intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure.
Third, we should strive to improve the level of integration and development.
Promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy. We will further implement the innovation and development strategy of the industrial Internet, expand and strengthen the digital economy, and promote the integration of the digital economy and the real economy.
Fourth, focus on building Tianlang Qiqing network environment
Adhere to the overall concept of national security, coordinate development and security, and effectively guarantee network security. Promote Internet enterprises to play an active role as the main body, adhere to the legal operation, run the network according to law, and fulfill the social responsibility of the governance of cyberspace.
Fifth, we should focus on deepening international exchanges and cooperation
We will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries and international organizations around the world, constantly improve the level and level of Internet openness, and achieve open development and win-win development in global competition.
Wang Xinzhe fully affirmed the fruitful work of China Internet Association in promoting innovation leadership, promoting industrial integration cooperation, supporting industry management, deepening industry self-discipline and strengthening self-construction, and hoped that under the leadership of the new team, China Internet Association will further improve its political position and strengthen innovation leadership. Actively take on the role of assistant staff and bridge.
The Fifth Congress of Members heard and considered the work report and financial report of the Fourth Council, considered and adopted the Charter of the Internet Association of China (Amendment), the Bill on Unifying the Membership Standards of Ordinary Membership Units and the Draft Development Plan of the Internet Association of China (2019-2023) for submission. The Fifth Council of China Internet Association was elected by vote.
At the first meeting of the Fifth Council, after elections, Shang Bing, former vice-minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and former chairman of China Mobile, was elected as the chairman of the Fifth China Internet Association, while Ding Lei and 41 others were elected as vice-chairmen. Liu Duo was elected Secretary-General, and He Guili, Song Mao-en and Pei Wei served as Under-Secretary-General.
The Council considered and adopted amendments to the Membership Management Measures, Branch Management Measures, Organizational Management Measures, Mediation Measures for Membership Disputes and Group Standard Management Measures. China Internet Association has set up an advisory committee, which is composed of senior experts from academicians of the two academies, universities, scientific research institutions and government departments. Academician Wu Hequan serves as the director of the Advisory committee, and 20 experts such as academician Hu Qiheng and researcher Qian Hualin serve as the first members of the Advisory committee.
Under the leadership of the new council, the China Internet Association will further improve its political position and serve the national strategy; further play its role as a link to serve the development of the industry; and further strengthen capacity-building to serve the needs of its members. Widely gather consensus, seize opportunities, pioneer and innovate, and accelerate the development of China’s Internet industry to a new level.