Reuters: The low price of the iPhone 11 is “not exciting”


Sina Technologies News Beijing time September 11 morning news, according to Reuters, at a new product launch in the early morning today, Apple launched a new iPhone with three cameras, thus catching up with other competitors in hardware.
Apple announced that its latest iPhone 11, like its predecessors, uses a dual-camera solution, including an ultra-wide-angle lens. On the processor side, the iPhone 11 carries a new generation of microchip A13. The device starts at $699, down from $749 last year.
The higher-priced iPhone 11 Pro will have three cameras, wide-angle, long-focus and ultra-wide-angle. For video recording, the new device can use three main cameras and front-end cameras behind the fuselage at a starting price of $999. The iPhone 11 Pro Max uses a larger screen, starting at $109. Apple will begin accepting new cell phone reservations on Friday and will begin shipping on September 20.
Before Apple, rivals such as Huawei and Samsung had launched smartphones with three cameras. The price of the new iPhone is lower than that of its predecessors, and the company has also offered a strong discount on its old phones.
Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said: “It’s clear that consumers still care about mobile cameras, and that’s why Samsung and Huawei have led Apple in hardware over the past few years. Apple is catching up now, but Apple has its own advantages, especially in the video recording ability of cameras. I think they have an advantage in this respect.
Analysts expect Apple to sell about 200 million iPhones next year, many of which will come from the Chinese market, which also ensures that the company’s video subscription service will reach at least tens of millions of potential subscribers.
Hal Eddins, chief economist at Apple Shareholder Capital Investment Counsel, said that Apple’s lower-priced iPhone “is not exciting on the surface, but lower-priced streaming services may attract some new subscribers.” ” Apple’s share price rose 0.8% after the conference.
In addition to the iPhone, Apple has launched the fifth generation of Apple Watch, a device with a long screen that starts at $399. The third generation of Apple Watch will continue to sell, starting at $199. Old Apple Watch, which sells at a lower price, will bring “huge” business to Apple, Moorhead said.
The Seventh Generation iPad, which starts at $329, will be booked on Tuesday and officially launched on September 30. (Yong Yan)