Moody: India will say goodbye to disposable plastics to develop alternatives


BEIJING, Sept. 11, according to foreign media reports, Indian Prime Minister Modi said at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification on September 9 that India would “say goodbye” to disposable plastics in a few years, and would devote itself to developing environmentally friendly alternatives and efficient collection and treatment of plastics.
Moody said it was time to say goodbye to disposable plastic. He said the future direction of implementation would start with behavioral change. Only when all sectors of society decide to achieve certain goals can we see the expected results. India reportedly promised in 2018 to stop using all disposable plastics by 2022.
In a media briefing, India’s environment minister, Prakash Jawadkar, once said, “He (Modi) did not say a ban. He said,’Goodbye’to disposable plastic. He’s not talking about all the garbage. He’s calling on people not to use it.”
Jawadekar said that non-recycling of plastic waste is indeed a problem, so the focus should also be on recycling and reuse. “So there will be two actions: one is recycling, reuse and management of plastic waste, and the other is to say’No’to disposable plastic.