Zhang Yong’s Speech: There is no doubt that Ali’s sales will reach trillion US dollars in 2020.


On the evening of September 10, Sina Technological News reported that Alibaba’s 20th anniversary meeting was held today. Zhang Yong, chief executive of Alibaba, stepped on the stage and said, “In 20 years, Alibaba has grown into a digital economy. We have set our minds so that there is no hard business in the world. Five years ago, we set a regular target of $100 billion in sales by 2020. Today I am proud to say that there is no suspense.”
Zhang Yong neutrally set a new goal in his speech: Five years of efforts to serve more than 1 billion consumers worldwide, hoping that the platform will serve more than 10 trillion yuan of consumption scale. “We believe that only when we reach the stage goal can we serve 2 billion consumers worldwide. All Ali people, you have to be confident.
“Thank you all for our party, because you are the only one who has us. Thank all the family members of the Ali people, because you have us.” Zhang Yong thanked the city, the beautiful Hangzhou, and all sectors of society, “Because of you, we are here.”
“We need to promote globalization, big data and cloud computing. Globalization is Ali’s future. We must strongly recommend global buying, global selling, global transportation and global play. Zhang Yong hopes to promote supply-side reform and create new demand for consumers by driving big data.
“In the past 20 years, the world has undergone rapid changes. With the innovation and progress of science and technology, changes will continue to change with each passing day.” Zhang Yong said that facing the future and thinking boldly, the content we create will certainly change. In the course of change, what remains unchanged is the original intention and mission, which was the vision set 20 years ago.
“The new values are the original intention that Ali can stick to in the future.” Zhang Yong said, “We hope that the practical implementation of such values will enable us to find more fellow travelers. Only in this way can we face the future and help each other and move forward in spite of adversity and prosperity.
“Today, we have upgraded the cultural strategy of the values of the Six-Vein Sword globally. For the next 102 years, we should integrate the organizational strategy of cultural strategy highly. Zhang Yong said, “We are in the best time today, because this time, only 20 years of development of Alibaba. We should be grateful, we hope to continue to create value for society, to assume more responsibility for society.
“If, because of our efforts, society can progress; because of our efforts, businesses can be better; we will be heartfelt happy. We hope our customers and partners will live better than us. Zhang Yong said.
In his speech, Zhang Yong thanked Ma Yun. “When Mr. Ma started his business, I graduated only a few years ago. I never thought about today. Thank you Ali, thank you Mr Ma, thank you for helping my colleagues in Ali in the past 12 years, thank you all.
“There’s still a long way to go in the future. We work together to create, face the future and create a better future.” Zhang Yong said, “We believe that the best way to be grateful for yesterday is to create a better future. Ali people, we have to work together.