Apple’s Watch 5 Watch: More Professional Health Monitoring Starting at $399


The second hardware product launched at Apple’s launch is the new generation of Apple Watch 5 series, and Apple continues to strengthen Apple.
The second hardware product launched at Apple’s launch is the new generation of Apple Watch 5 series. Apple continues to strengthen its health monitoring capabilities and provide more professional functions. It has repeatedly stressed that Apple watches can save lives at critical moments, starting at $399.
Appearance design of Apple Watch 5 has not changed much, but this time it is mainly screen upgrade, using LTPO screen, so that it can be always bright, if you lift your wrist or touch it lightly, it will be normal brightness, and other times it will reduce the brightness display, so that it can be more convenient to ensure that the 18-hour endurance remains unchanged, and part of the occasion is not convenient to lift your wrist. You can also see the time and information at any time.
In addition, Apple Watch 5 is more personalized, all dials have been redesigned and compass features have been added, which is not bad.
Apple has always emphasized that the core function of the Apple Watch series is health monitoring, which can save lives at critical moments. For this reason, Apple has found many people to say that the Apple Watch watches have brought changes to their lives and even their lives, such as losing weight is totally indifferent.
Of course, Apple has also worked hard on the professional functions of Apple Watch 5. It has done auditory and female health research with WHO, the University of Michigan and the National Institutes of Health.
In terms of life saving, Apple Watch 5 supports SOS emergency calls in more than 150 countries and detects dangers that can alarm and rescue people.
Finally, the price of Apple Watch 5 is $399 and the phone version is $499. It is scheduled to go on sale today, September 20, and the price of the Apple Watch 4 series is reduced to $199.