In one’s life, one thing must be done once.


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Some people say that “unarmed rock climbing” tells the story of how a person intensely concentrates on what he loves, how to overcome fear, how to approach his goal step by step in a planned way, and how to climb to the top.
Yes, there is always one thing a person must do once in his life.
For Alex Honnold, it was a bare-handed climb of Chieftain Rock, his dream for nearly a decade. Every year, he tried, drove his car to look up at the wall and told himself that it was impossible. It was too big and terrible. To this end, he practiced for more than 20 years, climbed 50 times around the rope, carried thousands of movements on his back, overcome anxiety and fear of death, and finally succeeded in reaching the summit.
The same is true for many entrepreneurs:
For Musk, it’s about exploring Mars. NASA didn’t have this plan, so he set up a company of his own. He made three trips to Russia without getting the right rocket, so he decided to build his own rocket. After the rocket was built, he tried three launches in succession, all of which failed. He sold his sports car and other private property and moved to live with his friends in order to be able to launch again. To this day, Musk has not stopped moving towards Mars. “Humans should be interstellar species,” he said. “I would rather die on Mars — not on one head, of course.”
For Bezos, it was his space dream, which began at the age of five. For this reason, he founded Amazon to make money, and after making enough money, he founded Space Corporation Blue Origin. Every time he sold Amazon shares, he invested his money in Blue Origin. In order to locate the Blue Origin, he suffered a crash and almost lost his life. He said he felt like a missionary, shouldering heavy responsibilities and a long way to go.
Around this goal, they can do a lot of things, after countless efforts and attempts, one failure after another, but repeated defeats and battles, still without hesitation, never forge ahead. Of course, they also have anxiety, but this anxiety is often cured when they look up at the goal.
For many ordinary people, many times in search of security, but in fact, let go is your inner voice. If you have a dream, you have to defend it, overcome fear, step by step approach it, and ultimately achieve it. Following, Enjoy:
No one has achieved great success by living comfortably and happily.
The meaning of life is to be a soldier.
—— Alex Honnold
Open the search engine, enter Alex Honnold, jump out of the conjunction is often “Alex Honnold is dead or not”.
Because his sport is Free Solo, the top ten most dangerous outdoor sports in the world, which does not use any ropes, hooks or other tools, and does not wear any protective measures (such as parachutes) to climb. Its practitioners are faced with only two possibilities when they climb: 100% or 0, and die as soon as they let go, either climb the top or die.
Since it’s so dangerous, why does Alex play this sport?
“Because I like it, I think it’s the same as anyone choosing an interest. I really enjoy it, and I like to push my limits forward. It will force you to climb better and more perfectly.
As a child, Alex liked to climb up and down. At the age of 11, he began to climb. Since then, rock climbing has become an essential part of his life. He started climbing at the Rock Hall for three hours six days a week. After seven years of intensive practice, he did not miss one day.
Climbing did not delay his study. He was admitted to the world’s third-largest University of California, Berkeley, with excellent results. But he only studied engineering for a year and dropped out. Because, “I don’t like college, I’m not very passionate about what I’m learning, and I’m not interested in other subjects. I really feel that the passionate thing is rock climbing.”
After dropping out of school, he got a RV, ate and lived in it, followed the weather every day, looking for the weather suitable for climbing.
In September 2007, at the age of 22, he climbed the famous American scenic spots Astroman and Rostrum with his bare hands in just one day, becoming the second successful climber in the world.
In April 2008, Alex climbed Monlight Buttress in Zion National Park, Utah and Half Dome in Wonderland National Park.
In January 2014, Alex climbed the “Bright Road” of El Sendero Luminoso Mountain Rock in Mexico, becoming the first person in the world to climb 762 meters high cliffs without using safety ropes.

With constant practice, Alex slowly built up his confidence and tried to try a bigger and more challenging wall, Chieftain Rock. Chieftain Rock is a large, nearly vertical rock, nearly 3,000 feet (900 meters) high, higher than the world’s tallest building, the Halifah Tower.
“It’s been deep in my mind, like a shining jewel on the crown of unarmed rock climbing. It’s the most striking rock wall. Every year, I think,’This year I’m going to climb Chief Rock with my bare hands’. Then I drove to Yosemite, looked up at the wall and said to myself,’It’s impossible. It’s too big and terrible.
Alex began a long preparation to climb the Chieftain Rock. “If my ultimate dream is to climb Chieftain Rock, then I need to plan a good route. I need to know what the hardest places are and what I can do to overcome them.
The distance of 3000 feet requires thousands of different movements of hands and feet. Alex must make sure that these actions are memorized without any mistakes. And these movements can only be mastered through repeated exercises. That means Alex had to climb Chieftain Rock 50 times with a rope to be skilled.

As he practiced these movements, the anxiety problem arose — “I wondered what to do if it was too terrible to climb up? What if I’m too tired? What if karate kick is not good? But he has to sort out these possible problems when he is on the safe ground, so that when the opportunity comes, he can do well without protection, because there is no room for doubt at that time.
Rope-winding climbing is mainly manual work, only the climber is strong enough to support and move upward. But bare-handed rock climbing, in addition to physical work, but also superimposed mental work – he needs to overcome the fear of death.
Alex said: “The biggest challenge is how to control your brain, because you are not controlling your fear, but getting out of it. Some people say they want to suppress your fear. I don’t think so. I practice my actions over and over again so that the terrible things are no longer terrible. I expand my comfort zone until I get used to the terrible and fearful things.
Some people say that such a difficult unarmed climbing must have a spiritual armor. For Alex, this armor is his passion for unarmed rock climbing.
Alex’s friends describe him as: once he gets to the rock, he seems to be a different person. He closes the emotional area of his brain, without fear, anxiety or anything.
He underwent a brain magnetic resonance (NMR) examination, which showed that the amygdala, which is responsible for fear, did not respond to external stimuli. That is to say, his ability to resist fear is obviously higher than that of ordinary people. Friends analysis said: unarmed rock climbing trained his mood, he was not as emotionally affected as others.
Alex had a long talk with his girlfriend Sanni the day before he decided to climb the Sheikh Rock alone. Sanni asked him if it would affect your decision to worry about me all the time. Do you think it’s an obligation to accompany me?
Alex answered firmly, “No, if I have an obligation to maximize my life, then I have to give up unarmed climbing.”
He said, “For my girlfriend, the meaning of life lies in happiness, in meeting people who enrich her life and enjoying everything well. But for me, the meaning of life lies in achievement, everyone can live comfortably and happily, but if everyone does, the world will not progress. No one has achieved great success by living comfortably and happily. The meaning of life is to be a soldier. It doesn’t matter why you fight. This is the way you want to go. You have to strive to be the best. In order to achieve your goals, you have to face up to fear. That’s the spirit of warriors. I think there is a close connection between unarmed rock climbing and warrior spirit, both of which require absolute concentration, because it is about life and death.
On June 3, 2017, Alex put on his favorite red T-shirt and successfully climbed Yosemite Chieftain Rock, fulfilling his nearly ten-year dream, becoming the first climber to conquer this route in an unprotected way.
After climbing the Chief Rock successfully, his friend asked him what he was going to do next. He said he would do hanging training. Most people would probably take a break or celebrate, but Alex went back to the RV and continued training.
Now, people always ask him what is the next challenge after Chieftain Rock?
Alex said he didn’t know. “Chieftain Rock is a dream for which I have struggled for ten years. For such a dream, I usually can not find the next dream of the same magnitude immediately. I am still trying to find the next goal.”
It’s going to be very difficult. There may be a lot of sacrifices.
And there will be terrible things along the way.
But the same is true of the founding of the United States.
—— Elon Musk
In 2002, Musk sold PayPal to eBay, earning $180 million. At that time, he was only 31 years old. Before selling the company, he was thinking about what he was going to do next.
During that time, NASA discovered an asteroid the size of a college football field, orbiting very close to the Earth and possibly hitting it in 2029. It will be as powerful as a nuclear bomb, detonating somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Astronomers always like to say that asteroids are just a way of greeting nature. They are asking, “What’s going on with your space program?”
Musk began to seriously consider the issue and the possibility of what he called the “ultimate extinction”. The solution he came up with was to find another livable planet and make humans a species of transplanetary existence. If the earth was destroyed like a broken computer, these colonial planets would be the backup hard disk of humans. Venus’s atmosphere is too acidic and Mercury is too close to the sun. So he bet his money on Mars.
Musk opened NASA’s website to look for a plan to go to Mars, but he couldn’t find it. At first, he thought that it must be somewhere on the web, that is, better hidden. But in the end, he found that the plan was not on the Web. The plan is not on the web, because there is no plan at all.
“I don’t want our highest level to be Apollo. I don’t want a future like that. At that time, I could only tell my grandchildren that this is the best thing we’ve ever done.” From childhood to adulthood, he said, I had always hoped that humans would build bases on the moon, and that we would definitely go to Mars. But on the contrary, we are retreating, which is the greatest tragedy.
Musk decided that since NASA did not have this plan, he would do it himself. “What excites me most is that I think it’s the greatest adventure I can imagine. This is the most exciting thing. I can’t think of anything more exciting, interesting and inspiring than Mars in the future. He once said, “It’s going to be very difficult, there may be a lot of sacrifices, and there will be terrible things along the way. But the same is true of the founding of the United States.”

Musk hopes to capture the headlines and revive people’s interest in space. He plans to buy a rocket and build a greenhouse where seeds will be seeded with nutritious gel, which will hydrate when landing on the surface of Mars. He would build a life support system on that barren planet, and when the lifeless red boundary rose green, he would send the picture back to Earth. He calls it the “Mars Oasis” and estimates that it will take only 15 million to 30 million dollars to build it.
But the cheapest rocket he can find in the United States is the Delta 2 carrier rocket, which also costs $50 million. He made three more trips to Russia to look for the refurbished intercontinental ballistic missile, but it was also very expensive and too risky for him.
So he decided to build his own rocket.
He read every book he could find in Rocket-related fields. A rocket expert who often talks with him said that although he has a scientific mind and knows scientific principles well, he knows nothing about rockets and really knows nothing about rockets. That was in 2001. By 2007, experts said, “He knows everything about rockets. He understands all the details and can offer very penetrating insights. To achieve his current rocket knowledge level, you must do some serious research. That’s not something you can do by talking to professionals a few times. You have to chew through some books.
On March 14, 2002, Musk founded SpaceX.
Soon after, the company’s first rocket, Falcon 1, was assembled. Falcon paid tribute to the Millennium Falcon spacecraft in Star Wars, and Falcon 1 represented the number of first-class engines that the rocket had assembled. Even though Musk built a rocket within a year, NASA did not show any concern.
Musk decided that if NASA did not come to him on its own initiative, he would go to NASA on his own initiative. At that time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’first power flight, and to hold a party at the National Aerospace Museum, Musk decided to take a rocket to the scene.
To this end, SpaceX put the seven-story rocket on a custom trailer, across the United States, and shipped it to Washington. Musk parked his rocket in front of the headquarters of the AA. Where the hotdog stand used to be, now lies a seven-story rocket, shining and white. Visitors to the National Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics were stunned and people lined up to get information.
Finally, SpaceX received millions of dollars from the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to fund its first test launch. Before that, SpaceX relied mainly on Musk’s personal wealth. Now it finally has external funding, even if it is small. Now, all it has to do is test-fire.
In March 2006, SpaceX’s first rocket launch failed.
In March 2007, the second rocket launch failed.
In August 2008, the third rocket launch failed.
After three successive failures, the voices of doubt and abuse grew louder and louder. People said he was fantastic and called him a liar. But Musk said, “I don’t give up. I don’t know what to give up unless I’m trapped or dead. Personally, I will never give up, never give up.”
Musk later said that the three failures were “really painful” and that if the fourth launch was not successful, “we would no longer exist. Because I have no money. He sold his sports car and other private property and moved to live with friends in order to be able to launch again.
A few months later, on September 28, 2008, SpaceX tried again. This time, the Falcon 1 rocket was successfully launched.
After thanking his team, Musk said, “There are many people who think we can’t do it. There are really many people. People always say that everything has to be tried three times, right? This is really significant for SpaceX. Entering orbit is a huge milestone. Only a few countries have done so. This is usually done by the state, not by the company. This is a remarkable achievement.”
Everyone knows a lot about what happened afterwards.
The launch of Falcon 9 was successful in June 2010 and the first recovery was completed on December 21, 2015.
In May 2012, SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft became the first aircraft to reach the International Space Station.
In 2018, the Falcon Heavy Rocket was launched successfully. In addition to the floating Tesla sports car in space, the scene of two first-class rockets landing gracefully almost synchronously is exciting. The successful launch of Falcon Heavy gave SpaceX the world’s largest practically available heavy rocket.

To this day, Musk has not stopped moving towards Mars.
Recently, Musk announced that the first test flight of the SpaceX Starship prototype could take place as early as October 2019. Interplanetary spacecraft is designed as a fully reusable launch system, and its “funnel” test version is the key to prove rocket design and mechanics, which will open up Musk’s vision of “making space flight more like air travel”.
Blue Origin is my most important job
I want to help the next generation become space entrepreneurs
—— Jeff Bezos
When Bezos saw Neil Armstrong take his first step on the moon on black-and-white television when he was five years old, he heard the call that space occupied all his thoughts.
From then on, he had a special love for space.——
His grandfather worked for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the U.S. Secret Weapons Research and Development Department, and he was influenced by many topics of “science and technology and space” from his childhood.
He spent several summers in the county library, inseparable from science fiction writers such as Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov.
In high school, he was invited to visit NASA with a small paper on the effects of zero gravity on houseflies.

As a high school graduate representative, his graduation speech was about space. He talked about the plan of colonizing space and building a habitat like a space hotel. One day millions of people will be able to move away from the earth and be with the stars.
He studied with physicist and space dreamer Jared O’Neill at Princeton University, and chaired the Student Union for Universe Exploration and Development (SEDS), a student community.
He even admitted that he founded Amazon for the money to be a space company. Because, at the age of 23, he worked in the financial sector and participated in an auction of artifacts for a Russian space project. He wanted to take a set of chess that could be used in zero gravity, but he lost to an anonymous buyer. He turned to shoot a hammer that could be used in space weightlessness, but he still missed it. He doesn’t have that much money to keep up with other bidders. Space, and even its related objects, had never been as far away from him as that day.
So he left the financial world and founded Amazon. The company’s success was like winning the lottery. He was like a Blitzkrieg and ranked high on Fortune magazine’s rich list. He could buy almost anything he wanted, but for him, there was no doubt that starting a space company was more important than anything else he wanted to do.
In 1999, Bezos and Neil Stephenson, a science fiction novel, watched the movie “October Sky” about NASA engineers. After the movie, he confessed to Stephenson and they started a space company.
In September 2000, Bezos established Blue Operations Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Blue Origin. Bezos said the blue origin was his most important job and he wanted to help the next generation become space entrepreneurs.
Stephenson became Employee 001 of Blue Origin, but his major was Cyberpunk science fiction writer. As early as 1992, Stephenson established himself as a master by means of an avalanche. He was the only manager in the early days of Blue, and Bezos hired some execution technicians under his introduction. But according to people close to the two companies, the early staffing of Blue Origin was “a science fiction writer and a turtle mascot”.
For a long time, the company deliberately remained mysterious and its relationship with Bezos was not clear to the outside world. After the information was exposed, almost all the outside world believed that Bezos’action was at great risk. But Bezos responded, “Successful companies are often those willing to explore unknown areas, and companies that follow suit often do not do well.”
Bezos has never concealed his importance to the origin of blue. In an interview with the media, he said, “I will invest in Blue Origin every time I sell Amazon stock.” Because in his view, no other project is as important as the origin of blue, and the company’s goal is to put human civilization into space.
The first goal of the blue origin is to explore other ways of entering space besides chemical rockets. Bezos said, “In the first three years, we were desperate to find alternatives to chemical rockets, and even invented alternatives that nobody had ever thought of before.”
The most wild idea at that time was to build a big bullwhip and put what you wanted to put into orbit at one end of the whip, such as the capsule, other payloads, or whatever you wanted to put on that end. This “whip” must have been made very big, and the freight train must be used to pull this big fellow. Bezos said, “This kind of idea is great at first, but if you analyze it for a few hours, you’ll give it up. As far as we know, no one has considered building it yet.”
Later, they considered many other schemes, such as laser, space gun and so on. After three years of research, Bezos and his team finally decided that “chemical rockets are still the best choice”. “This is not only the best choice, but also the best launch solution,” Bezos said.
As a result, Blue Origin began an attempt to achieve a vertical landing of the rocket, which is the basic technical pass for the recovery of reusable rockets.
Bezos was not anxious about his attempts and failures in recent years. He was very satisfied with his orderly pace. He always said, “Be that turtle, don’t be a hare.” His favorite motto is the same tone: “Slow is Shun, Shun is Quick”. Therefore, the motto of the origin of blue is: “Keep going, never say die.”
In May 2003, in order to buy the Blue Origin office, Bezos personally flew to explore the site. As a result, he suffered a crash and almost lost his life. But it did not stop him in the slightest.
On June 12, 2004, Bezos wrote a “Day 1” letter for Blue Origin, outlining the company’s guidelines: “We want to make humans survive in space, we are committed to building the path to space, so that our children can build the future.” “Blue Origins will achieve this long-term goal step by step and patiently,” he wrote. Our work will be divided into elaborate stages, each of which is meaningful. Every step, even the first one, will be very challenging. And each step will lay a solid technical and organizational foundation for our next generation.
In March 2005, Blue Origin flew its first test rocket, the Caron, and climbed 316 feet.
In November 2006, Blue Origin launched the Goddard test rocket and climbed 285 feet.
In August 2011, the blue-originated PM-2 test rocket crashed in Western Texas, and a huge explosion attracted attention. More than a week after the explosion, Bezos posted a blog post titled “Successful Short Trials, Despite setbacks, but we are developing the next spacecraft.” He said, “This is not the result anyone wants, but we are engaged in this industry to overcome the difficulties. And the Blue Origin team did a great job. We are already working on the next development vehicle. Then he wrote, “Keep going and never quit!”

In November 2015, the blue-originated New Shepard rocket took the lead in the vertical landing of the rocket after its first launch into space, which is the company’s greatest achievement in the past decade.
Bezos was delighted. In subsequent interviews, he called it a “perfect” task and “one of the greatest moments of his life, bringing tears to his eyes”. “In a sense, I’ve been trying to do what I’ve been doing since I was five years old,” he said. That’s why I’m very satisfied with the success I’ve achieved. The whole team agreed. The reason why we are actively engaged in the research and development of rocket landing is that we feel like missionaries, shouldering heavy responsibilities and a long way to go.
Next, Bezos moved from a toy-like sub-orbital rocket called New Shepard, which is only 18 meters long, to a heavy rocket: the new Glen rocket, which is being developed, is one step higher in appearance than the Falcon Heavy, and its near-Earth orbital carrying capacity will reach 45 tons, and 63.8 tons heavier than the Falcon Heavy. 。 It will become a powerful opponent of Falcon Heavy.
The next step is manned sub-orbital travel across the edge of space. The first test was for passengers, not pilots. The rocket will fly automatically, and the passenger’s only job is to evaluate the experience from the customer’s point of view. Is the seat comfortable? What is your vision? Is the chair handle in the right position? The first real space travelers in the world naturally included Bezos himself. Bezos said, “I am particularly concerned about human beings in the sky. I hope that human beings can go into space.”
He spoke to a group of pupils at the Seattle Flight Museum and said, “We are all passionate. You don’t have to choose your dream. It comes to you. But you have to be alert enough. You have to look for it enthusiastically. When you find it, this gift will guide you in your direction. It will give you a goal. You can take a job, start a business, or hear the call.
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