Vivo & samsung’s mobile phone with Samsung 980 chip will be on the market in the year


The IFA International Electronic Consumption Fair will open in Berlin, Germany, on September 6. Before the opening, Samsung brought us a big news: Exynos 980, Samsung’s latest SoC product integrated with 5G communication baseband, with its own 5G baseband and 100 million pixel camera specifications, also supports SA NSA dual-module network.
It is understood that Exynos980 is the first 5G integrated SoC (System on Chip) product launched by Samsung Electronics. The product combines two chips with completely different performances to reduce power consumption and the volume of components, thus facilitating the design of mobile devices.
In addition, Samsung Electronics Exynos 980 uses a sophisticated 8-nanometer FinFET technology to support mobile communication standards from 2G to 5G with only one chip. It has built-in high-performance NPU (Neural Network Processor), which can enhance the performance of artificial intelligence.
Of course, there is another exciting news – at the press conference, Samsung announced that it will cooperate with the domestic mobile phone brand vivo, and will launch the first vivo product with Samsung Exynos 980 in the year, which is worth looking forward to.