Putian Hospital in Foreign Edition is getting cold: Google bans unproven and unscientific medical advertisements


The original title: Putian Hospital is getting cold: Google forbids unproven and unscientific sources of medical advertisements: quantum bits
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Today, Google has taken an important step in regulating medical advertising.
They announced stem cell therapy, cell therapy, gene therapy… These unproven or scientifically unsubstantiated medical products can no longer be advertised on Google.
Simply put, Putian Hospital, which is a foreign version of Putian Hospital, holding all kinds of seemingly deep medical flags and actually cheaters, has been completely cut off from getting customers through Google advertisements.
Google New Deal
In Google’s New Policy for Speculative and Experimental Medical Advertising, released today, it is clear that Google prohibits the wide dissemination of unproven or experimental medical technologies, such as most stem cell therapies, cell therapies and gene therapies, and the sale of medical advertisements without scientific basis.
In addition, if only basic scientific research discoveries, after preliminary clinical trials, but not yet certified by formal clinical trials, medical products are also prohibited.
If the foreign people who have disorderly medical treatment use Google to search for disease-related content, they don’t have to worry about being cheated by medical advertisements in search engines.
Stem Cell Clinic, Putian Hospital
In 2016, Stem Cell, a cell publication, published a study that said at least 351 clinics in the United States provided untried stem cell therapy.
Such clinics often claim to be able to treat macular degeneration, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis and degenerative pulmonary disease, but in fact, regulators have never approved such treatments.
In 2016, an old woman was injected with stem cells to treat macular degeneration, the Washington Post reported. Within a few weeks, her left eye had lost its retina, and within a few months she was blinded quickly.
Victims, pictures from the Washington Post
There are at least four patients with similar experiences.
Fraudster and Researcher Differentiated Treatment
Now, those who are serious about stem cell research, not deceptive practitioners are also very supportive.
Deepak Srivastava, president of the International Association for Stem Cell Research, said: “Google’s new policy of Banning Speculative drug advertising is urgently needed to curb the marketing of undetermined medical products such as stem cell therapy, which is very popular. Although stem cells have the potential to help us understand and treat many diseases, most stem cell interventions are still experimental and can only be provided to patients in well-regulated clinical trials.
He also said that premature marketing and commercialization of unproven stem cell products would threaten public health, reduce public confidence in biomedical research and undermine the development of legalization of new therapies.
The implication is that Tucao is a group of cheaters who are playing stem cell therapy, mixing up the water of the industry, and letting serious stem cell researchers go out and feel embarrassed to say what they are doing.
Therefore, Google’s new policy is not one-size-fits-all. There are still serious researchers in these unproven areas of medical technology, so it is permissible to explicitly advertise clinical trials for research.
But it’s a global start, especially for search engines.
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