Byte beating responds to rumors of volcanic tremor live broadcast merger: no merger; Huawei Kirin 990 officially released: the world’s first 7Nm process 5G; Qualcomm President: has applied to the U.S. Department of Commerce for permission to supply Huawei


Huawei mobile phone future or pre-installed Swiss encrypted e-mail service ProtonMail; Facebook response to more than 419 million account information leaked: the database has been deleted; Samsung Galaxy Fold listed in Korea in the first batch has been sold out: 1,000 units sold; YY response to push App acridine: original product revision, not strategic product level; The sales of millet mobile phones in India exceeded 100 million units; the first case of KPC’s rejection by the listing committee was found in KPC, and there were doubts about Guoke Huayu’s affiliated transactions; the president of Qualcomm: he had applied to the US Ministry of Commerce for permission to supply Huawei; 60 US scientific organizations jointly opposed the government’s suppression of foreign researchers; and the official of “Weather Son” announced the introduction of the mainland. Chinese posters; China’s renewable energy investment scale is the first in the world; Huawei Kirin A1 release: the first Bluetooth 5.1, BLE 5.1 dual authentication wireless chip; Skycat Elf release intelligent garbage classification system: can automatically adapt to different city requirements
Qualcomm M7 processor will integrate 5G baseband and 12 manufacturers will launch together.
On the evening of September 6, Qualcomm officially announced its first mobile platform with 5G baseband, which belongs to the high-end M7 series. Qualcomm said that the M7 5G mobile platform will be a SoC system-level chip integrated with 5G functions, supporting all major regions and bands. This is the first 5G integrated mobile platform announced by Qualcomm in February this year, and has been launched to customers in the second quarter of this year.
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It is based on 7Nm process, supports the next generation AI Engine AI engine and some Snapdragon Elite Gaming game features. It surpasses users’expectations of high-end mobile experience and provides some top-level flagship experience for more consumers. Twelve mobile phone manufacturers and brands, including OPPO, realme, Redmi, vivo, Motorola, HMD Global and LG Electronics, will deploy M7 Series 5G integrated platform on future 5G mobile phones, and will be launched commercially in the fourth quarter. (Source: Fast Technology)
Shanghai Disneyland: Policies will be adjusted to allow visitors to bring in food that meets the regulations for their own consumption.
On September 6, according to People’s Daily, Xue Binjun, Director of Security, Safety, Fire Protection and Health Services of Shanghai Disneyland Resort, said that the management of Shanghai Disneyland paid close attention to and listened to many suggestions on the current prohibition of carrying items into the park, especially for food and beverages. Based on these feedback, we will soon adjust our take-out food policy. In addition to re-processing, thermal storage and irritating food, visitors will be able to bring food for their own consumption into the paradise. (Source: 36 krypton)
Suspected electric shock risk, part of Apple’s three-plug AC power plug-in converter was recalled
In the afternoon of September 6, according to the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision, Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. submitted a recall plan to the State Administration of Market Supervision to recall some Apple three-plug AC power plug converters.
The recalled product model is British G. It was manufactured from 2003 to 2010, and was sold as an original accessory with Mac and some iOS devices from January 2003 to January 2015. It was included in Apple’s global travel adapter suite. According to statistics, the number of products affected in mainland China is about 20,993. (Source: Sina Technologies)]
Huawei Mobile Phone Future or Pre-installed Swiss Encrypted E-mail Service ProtonMail
ProtonMail, a Swiss encryption e-mail service provider, is negotiating with Huawei to pre-install its e-mail service into Huawei’s future smartphones, Bloomberg reported. Andy Yen, CEO of ProtonMail, said ProtonMail’s e-mail service might be pre-installed on future Huawei mobile devices or in Huawei’s App Gallery App Store. Andy Yan also stressed that ProtonMail has not yet decided whether to provide its services through Huawei.
Andy Yan also said that ProtonMail e-mail service is currently available through the Google Play App Store, and if it can be provided through Huawei App Store in the future, once the Google Play App Store is blocked, ProtonMail consumers will also be able to access ProtonMail programs.
ProtonMail is an encrypted Webmail service created in 2013 by Jason Stockman, Andy Yen and Wei Sun, members of the European Organization for Nuclear Research. ProtonMail is now operated by Proton Technologies AG, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. (Source: Sina Technology)
Facebook responded that more than 419 million account information had been leaked: the database had been deleted
On September 6, a Facebook spokesman confirmed that more than 419 million phone number databases related to Facebook accounts had been exposed. It is reported that CNN, a foreign media, reported that a public server containing 419 million user records was found on the Internet. The server did not take any encryption measures and anyone could easily access it. The exposed server contains not only the phone number, but also the user’s name, geographical location and other information about the Facebook account.

The leaked Facebook account information includes 133 million American Facebook users, 18 million British users and more than 50 million Vietnamese users.
The spokesman said the survey found that only about 210 million of the 419 million open Facebook accounts were actually leaked user data, and the rest were mostly duplicated data. At present, the relevant Facebook team is further investigating the matter, there is no evidence that Facebook accounts have been invaded, and the database has been urgently deleted. (Source: Leifeng Network)
Samsung Galaxy Fold has sold out in Korea in the first batch: 1,000 units
On September 6, Samsung Electronics’s foldable phone, Galaxy Fold, was officially launched in Korea. Samsung said that the first Galaxy Fold sold out as soon as it went public. Although Samsung did not disclose first-day sales of Galaxy Fold, industry news predicts that the first order of Galaxy Fold is expected to be about 1,000 units, all through the three major operators in Korea. This data does not include Galaxy Fold purchased by consumers through Samsung online and offline stores.
SK Telecom said the booking activity ended in 15 minutes on Thursday. Most of the first Galaxy Fold buyers were in their 20s and 30s. By gender, 90% of first-day buyers are men. The second batch of Galaxy Fold bookings will be officially launched on September 18 and delivered on September 26. (Source: Phoenix Technology)
Byte bounce response to volcanic tremor live broadcast merge rumors: merge is not true
September 6, the news, before media reports, volcano live broadcasting has been merged with tremble live broadcasting, responsible Han Shangyou has changed to Alex (founder of Musically) report. Fast-hand operation Department has also been restructured and strengthened. A three-person headquarters has been set up, including Qiao, Xu Xin and Mahongbin. Their roles are technology, products and operation respectively. Mahongbin serves as the commander-in-chief.
In response to this rumor, byte bouncing responded to Titanium media that the combination of live volcanic tremor broadcasting is not true, and their respective businesses are still in normal operation. No comment on personnel changes. (Source: Titanium Media)
Tencent Micro-TV Laxin Receiving Storm: Backstage Change Rules Quietly, Cash Limit Changed to 10 Yuan
September 6, a feedback from netizens, participating in inviting friends to earn cash activities has been unable to withdraw, and Microvision quietly changed the rules of activities, increasing the complexity of withdrawal.
Microsoft has launched a cash-earning campaign to invite friends from August 26 to September 30. According to the introduction of the event, invite friends who have not registered the account and have not downloaded the app to participate in the event, and download the app. Inviters can get the invitation red envelope reward, the reward amount is random. After receiving the reward, the user can transfer it to the microview balance and withdraw it.
However, many netizens feedback, when participating in the activities encountered difficulties. Zhou Nuo, who participated in the event, said that he invited more than 150 friends to download and log on to the micro-TV, and that he received a total of 830 yuan in red envelopes. But when turning into the balance of microvision, he was prompted that because the amount was too large, it would take 24 hours to audit. However, more than a week passed, the audit still failed. He inquired and found that no one had passed the examination. Micro-vision quietly changed its rules of activities on the evening of September 5, and its bonus was transferred to the upper limit of micro-vision balance to 10 yuan per day. (Source: Sina Technology)
YY responded by pushing App to catch up with acridine: original product revision, not strategic product level
On September 5, it was reported that YY launched a social product called “chasing acridine”, which is behind YY’s ambition to explore video social networking. Guangzhou Zhuque Technology Co., Ltd. is the developer of acridine. According to Tian Eye Check data, Guangzhou Zhuque Technology Co., Ltd. is indirectly controlled by Beijing Tuoda Technology Co., Ltd. while Li Xueling, chairman and CEO of YY Huanju Times, is its controlling shareholder, holding 97.9%.
YY responded on September 6 that the product was a revision of the original product called “audio-visual PK”. This revision changed its name and optimized the content and interface of the product. Audio-visual PK this product was launched very early, is not a new product on the line, has always been a user-level product. The person in charge of the product wants to see if the revision can attract more new users. There is no such high level as the strategic product in the social field mentioned in the article. (Source: Sina Technology)
In five years, millet mobile phones sold more than 100 million units in India
September 6, Manu Kumar Jain, Vice President of Millet Global and head of Millet India Business, announced on Twitter that in just five years, Millet sold 100 million mobile phones in India, the fastest mobile phone brand ever to break the 100 million mark. Millet has been reported in India recently. In addition to sales exceeding 100 million units, millet ranked first in India for eight consecutive quarters, surpassing other mobile phone brands such as Samsung.
According to IDC data, millet ranks first in Indian shipments for two consecutive years. Since 2016, millet has rapidly occupied the Indian market with double-digit annual growth rate of market share. According to IDC data, Indian millet shipments in the second quarter of 2019 were 10.4 million units, up 4.8% year-on-year, with a market share of 28.3%.
Some insiders pointed out that the manufacturing of millet mobile phone in India is one of the important factors for millet to win consumers’preference. At the same time, millet introduced the concept of “community culture” into India, which has a large number of loyal “rice noodles” with high activity. (Source: Fast Technology)
The first case of CSIB’s rejection by the listing committee is in doubt about CSIB’s affiliated transaction.

On the evening of September 5, the Shanghai Stock Exchange released the results of the 21st Review Conference of the Listing Committee of the Science Creative Board. It agreed to the initial public offering of Jeptec and disagreed with the initial public offering of Guoke Huanyu.
Although eight companies have applied for withdrawal of listing application after one or more rounds of inquiry before it was terminated, Guoke Huanyu is the first case to terminate the examination because of disagreement with the listing application. (Source: Interface)
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President of Qualcomm: We have applied to the US Department of Commerce for permission to supply Huawei.
In an interview in Berlin on September 6, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon (Amon) said that Qualcomm had applied to the U.S. authorities for permission to continue supplying products and technologies to Huawei and was awaiting approval from the Ministry of Commerce.
Among them, Huawei’s predicament is temporary in the long run of 5G development. After all, the market is driving global operators to spare no effort to develop 5G. Amon also expects to reach 2.2 billion 5G users worldwide next year. (Source: Fast Technology)
Sixty scientific organizations in the United States jointly oppose the government’s crackdown on foreign researchers
Washington, Sept. 5, Xinhua reported that 60 scientific, engineering and educational organizations in the United States issued an open letter on the 4th, calling on the U.S. government to stop suppressing foreign researchers and hindering international scientific cooperation.
The 60 organizations include the American Physical Society, the American Chemical Society and the American Astronomical Society. They sent this open letter to officials of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.
The letter said that American and foreign scientists expressed concern about the latest US government policies and practices aimed at “reducing security risks”, believing that they would undermine the scientific undertakings and that it was necessary to maintain a balance between open cooperation and the protection of economic and national security, but dealing with problems “too broadly” would undermine that balance. (Source: Xinhua News Agency)
“The Son of the Weather” was introduced to the Mainland by the official announcement. It was the first Chinese poster to be exposed.
On September 6, @Caitiewu official micro-released news. New Haicheng director’s new film “The Weather’s Son” confirmed its introduction to China, and issued a Chinese poster. The recently launched micro-blog “The Movie Weather’s Son” also forwarded the micro-blog. However, the specific filing date has not yet been announced.
@ “New Haicheng director’s new masterpiece”The Son of Weather”confirms the introduction and is about to be finalized. Three years ago, I met with you at @your name officer, and three years later, we met again at @Movie Weather Son. There is a companion, from “Your Name” to “The Son of the Weather”, who has been with you all the time. “(Source: Vagrant Star)
China’s investment in renewable energy ranks first in the world
According to a report released by the United Nations Environment Programme on September 5, renewable energy production quadrupled and total investment amounted to $2.6 trillion between 2010 and 2019. China has been the largest investor in renewable energy production in the past 10 years. From 2010 to the first half of 2019, China ranked first with $758 billion in investment, the United States ranked second with $356 billion, and Japan ranked third with $2020 billion.
Solar energy investment amounted to $1.3 trillion, accounting for half of the total investment. In 2018, renewable energy accounted for 12.9% of the world’s total electricity generation, up from 11.6% in 2017. If all power generation technologies (fossil fuels and zero-carbon energy) are included, the total installed capacity in the past 10 years has reached 2366 gigawatts, with solar energy accounting for the largest installed share (638 gigawatts), coal ranking second (529 gigawatts), wind and natural gas ranking third and fourth (487 gigawatts and 487 gigawatts respectively). 438 gigawatts). (Source: solidot)
Smart garbage sorting system released by Skycat Elves: can automatically adapt to different city requirements
On September 6, Ali Artificial Intelligence Laboratory announced an intelligent garbage classification system named Raccoon, which can automatically identify tens of thousands of common garbage and quickly and accurately classify garbage according to different urban garbage classification standards. After the Raccoon system is officially launched, more tips will be added for digital products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other special daily necessities to avoid misthrowing. For example, if the user asks what kind of garbage lipstick is, the system will feedback that the expired lipstick refers to the garbage classification standard is harmful garbage, and the expired lipstick is not garbage.
At present, the system has been put on line in Tianmao Elves, and has been applied in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other compulsory garbage sorting cities. Raccoon system also supports image recognition, text recognition and other application scenarios. Users can also clean up and identify garbage through mobile phone Taobao Raccoon. (Source: Phoenix Technology)
Huawei Kirin 990 officially released: the world’s first 7Nm process 5G
On the afternoon of September 6, Huawei officially released a new generation of mobile platform Kirin 990 series at IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany, including two versions of Kirin 9905G and Kirin 990. The two major emphases of Kirin 990 series are 5G and AI. Kirin 990 has two large cores, two middle cores and four small cores, which can effectively improve performance and reduce power consumption. At the same time, Kirin 990 upgraded the GPU from 10 cores to 16 cores, and the first single-echo image denoising technology. Kirin 9905G version is the first flagship 5G SoC fully integrated chip in the industry. It has the best 5G, AI and performance. It is the first mobile SoC in the industry to integrate 10 billion transistors by using Taiji 7Nm + EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography technology. At the same time, the area of the board level is the largest decrease compared with the previous generation. It’s 36% lower.

In terms of performance, Huawei said that according to ETH AI test standards, Kirin 980 increased by 88% compared with Kirin 970, Kirin 990 increased by 476% in one fell swoop, more than twice that of Friendship products, and its energy efficiency was 5-8 times higher than that of Kirin 970. For example, in the face detection business, the energy efficiency of Kirin 990 has increased by 24 times, and the typical daily power consumption is less than 5%. (Source: Fast Technology)
Huawei Kirin A1 released: the world’s first Bluetooth 5.1, BLE 5.1 dual authentication wireless chip
On the afternoon of September 6, Huawei released Kirin A1, a self-developed Bluetooth headset chip, on IFA 2019. Kirin A1 is the first Bluetooth 5.1-low-efficiency Bluetooth 5.1 wireless chip in the world. It has excellent anti-jamming ability and high-performance dual-channel Bluetooth connection, with a 30% reduction in the year-on-year delay. PPT shows that A1 is based on the patented Bluetooth UHD transmission protocol, with a rate of 6.5 Gbps.
According to Huawei’s plan, Kirin A1 will be widely used in real wireless earplugs, wireless headphones, neck-mounted wireless headphones, smart glasses, smart watches and other products in the future. This time, it will be launched in Huawei Real Wireless Bluetooth headset FreeBuds 3. (Source: Fast Technology)
TV burning: Australia ordered LG to compensate about 780,000 consumers
According to foreign media reports, on September 5, the Australian Federal Court asked LG to compensate two consumers for A$160,000 (about RMB 780,000) for refusing to provide maintenance, replacement or refund services.
Judge Middleton said two consumers bought LG’s TV in 2013, but less than a year later they suffered from screen burning. When two consumers sought a solution from LG, the other side prevaricated with LG’s warranty terms. The Australian Consumer Ordinance stipulates that consumers still have the right to seek repair, replacement or compensation when the manufacturer’s QA regulations expire or do not apply. According to the available data, the burning screen problem of LG TV is not uncommon. In 2015, OLED burning screen was installed in N Seoul Tower, South Korea; at the beginning of last year, the newly installed LG OLED color TV burning screen at Incheon Airport was forced to change to LCD screen model. In April this year, the LG OLED TV screen of a well-known U.S. store also burned. (Source: cnBeta)
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