Yu Chengdong ridicules Friends 5G chip: Apple does not have Qualcomm plug-in Samsung PPT


In the afternoon of September 6, Sina Technologies News, Huawei officially released a new generation of Kirin 990 series chips today. Huawei claims that Kirin 9905G is the first integrated 5G SoC chip in the industry.
Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, also compared Kirin 9905G SoC with Friends at the launch. He joked that Apple had not yet developed 5G chips, Qualcomm’s 5G chips were plug-in, and Samsung’s integrated 5G SoC chips were PPT chips, which were still not commercially available.
Interestingly, Samsung also announced yesterday that it will launch Exynos 980, the first integrated 5G processor, using an 8nm process. But the chip will not start mass production until the end of this year, which is why Yu Chengdong made fun of Samsung 5G SoC or PPT.
Yu Chengdong revealed at the release meeting that Kirin 9905G SoC will soon be commercially available, and the Mate 30 series released in Munich on September 19 will be launched. (Zhang Jun)