Beijing Autopilot Test Road Must Be Outside the Fifth Ring Road


Original title: Beijing Autopilot Test Road must be outside the Fifth Ring Road
According to the Beijing Traffic Commission, Beijing has issued new regulations to clarify the relevant provisions of the road test for autonomous driving vehicles. The new regulations stipulate that the road for automatic driving test should be outside the Fifth Ring Road and that vehicles should not be tested in the morning and evening rush hours.
In March 2018, the Beijing Autopilot Test and Management Joint Working Group issued Baidu the first licenses for Beijing Autopilot, and several companies subsequently obtained autopilot licenses. Over the past year, Beijing has issued relevant policies to regulate automatic driving.
On September 4, the Beijing Traffic Commission, the Beijing Public Security Bureau Public Security Traffic Administration and the Beijing Bureau of Economy and Informatization issued the Circular of Beijing Auto-Driving Vehicle Test Road Requirements (Trial Implementation).
According to the circular, the test road should be chosen in the area outside the Five Rings (excluding) in Beijing, and should meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations.
In March 2018, Beijing organized the construction of the city’s first Haidian Autopilot Closed Test Site covering more than 200 acres. At the same time, according to relevant standards, 33 first open test roads totaling 105 kilometers were identified in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shunyi District and Haidian District. Most of these roads are located in a relatively biased position. The new regulations also make it clear that automatic driving roads must be set outside the Fifth Ring Road.
The new regulations make it clear that automatic driving vehicles should be tested on test roads in the daytime without rain, snow, fog and other conditions, in non-early and late rush hours.
It should be noted that when selecting test roads involving hospitals, fire brigades, metros and schools, traffic safety risk assessment should be carried out at specific locations, and measures to reduce traffic safety risk should be taken. Road sections with more traffic services should not be set as automatic driving test roads.
Except under special circumstances, roads without traffic signs and markings shall not be used as test roads for automatic driving vehicles.