Porsche launched its first pure electric sports car at a starting price of $90,000


According to Bloomberg News, Porsche launched its first pure electric sports car, Taycan, in North America (Niagara Falls), Asia (Fuzhou, China) and Europe (Germany), simultaneously, marking that Porsche will become the world’s leading electronics company. The core strength of motor vehicle dealers.
Porsche’s Taycan is Volkswagen’s main product against Tesla, the pioneer of electric vehicles, after the Audi e-Tron brand suffered setbacks. The brand-new electric sports car appeared in three places on Wednesday, the three major markets of Porsche, and is expected to sell for $90,000.
Although Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, it is still struggling to catch up with Tesla in the competition. E-Tron, originally sold as a Model X competitor, has been hampered repeatedly by delays and recalls. Tesla, on the other hand, has begun to launch a low-cost version of Model 3 into the mid-and low-end market.
Taycan and the mass-produced VW ID.3 will be on display at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show and are expected to go into production later this year.
Michael Dean, an intelligence analyst at Bloomberg, wrote in his report that Taycan “will be a turning point for Porsche and the industry as a whole because it raises the technical standards for electric vehicles other than Tesla. Given Porsche’s market-proven pricing power, “Taycan” should “be able to make a profit, although its profit margin is substantially lower than that of fuel vehicles.”
At least, Taycan, the latest fashion version of the four-door sports car, has made 30,000 reservations. It is reported that Taycan can charge 400 km of power in about 15 minutes. The acceleration time of 0-100 km/h is less than 3.5 seconds and that of 0-200 km/h is less than 12 seconds.
Many elements on Taycan pay tribute to Porsche’s classic 911, a classic sports car favored by the world’s richest people for more than a decade. Perhaps, as the first pure electric sports car in Porsche’s history, Taycan is expected to surpass the classic 911. (Xiaobai)