Establishment of Standards for Starting up 5G Network Construction in Hospitals in China


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 4 (Reporter Gao Gao Gao) 4, under the guidance of the National Health Commission, led by China-Japan Friendship Hospital, National Telemedicine and Internet Medical Center and National Primary Telemedicine Development Guidance Center, more than 30 provincial and ministerial hospitals, China Medical Equipment Association, three major operators and Huawei Company are in China. The Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital jointly launched the formulation of the Hospital Network Construction Standard based on 5G technology.
Nie Chunlei, director of the Department of health and health at the national health and Health Committee, said that the development of Internet plus medical care in primary health care needs a good top-level design, and gradually push forward with the introduction of standards. The formulation of the Standard will rely on the successful application experience accumulated in the early stage, integrate the wisdom of experts in medical and communication fields, and combine 5G with hospital information network. After the introduction of the standard, 5G, as the infrastructure of basic medical information, will accelerate the construction of Internet + medical health, improve the ability of primary medical and health services, and improve the medical experience of the people.
“In the process of integration of 5G and various industries, the medical industry is the one with the most application scenarios and the most strong demand for 5G.” Liu Ying, general manager of the government and Enterprise Department of China Telecom Group, said that under the leadership of relevant departments, China Telecom will work with industry experts and partners to help promote the standard-setting of 5G+medical treatment.
According to Zhang Wenlin, President of Huawei’s Strategic Department, Huawei’s joint industry partners have built hundreds of 5G + medical demonstration points based on 5G indoor solutions, such as teleconsultation, outpatient service, image diagnosis, electrocardiogram diagnosis, training and other telemedicine services, which can be put into commercial use. The formulation of the Standard will speed up the digitization process of the medical and health industry, and will also provide reference for more 5G vertical industries in standardization.
Liu Wenxian, deputy director of the Department of planning, development and information technology of the national health and Health Committee, said that at this stage, the introduction of the standard will solve the main contradiction in the current stage, and it is a network construction standard suitable for China’s medical system. It will help all provinces and cities hospitals to complete the Internet + medical treatment health quickly and promote the solution of the problem. Pain spots and blockages in medical treatment. (End)