Tianmao Medical & Beauty launched “Renewal Plan” to bid farewell to “P Tumei” by 300 million people


The original title: Tianmao Medical & Beauty launched the “Renewal Plan” to bid farewell to “P Tumei” by 300 million people.
On September 3, Ali Health joined many medical and aesthetic industry brands, medical institutions and service providers to officially launch the “Renewal Plan” of Tianmao Medical and Aesthetic, helping brands and institutions connect Tianmao 300 million consumers seeking beauty. At the same time, Ali Health and Industry Partners established a “peace of mind beauty” alliance, through linking upstream and downstream, to help consumers enjoy more professional and transparent medical and aesthetic services.
Let 300 million people say goodbye to “P Tumei”
According to the annual development survey report of China Medical and Beauty Industry of China Plastic and Beauty Association, by 2018, there were more than 10 million cases of medical and beauty services, and the annual output value of the market was close to 125.1 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 7.2%. However, on the other side of the market boom, traditional medical institutions, with their existing operation mode, can not well meet the needs of consumers for beauty.
On the one hand, there are more and more people seeking beauty online and offline, and on the other hand, there are medical institutions facing complex consumer scenarios with no countermeasures. In view of the current situation of this industry, this “Renewal Plan” aims to help medical institutions establish better links with consumers through digital operation.
Wang Yajun, senior director of Ali Health Consumption and Medical Services Department, said at the launch meeting: “Tianmao has more than 300 million customers seeking the United States. We found that cosmetics, personal care and other consumers and medical people around the beauty promotion industry are penetrating into each other. Many people began to pursue turning off the mapping software, which is still beautiful after removing makeup. As for beauty, more and more people began to accept medical means to solve it, which has brought huge opportunities to the industry.
Let More Quality Institutions Go to the Top Cat
Since 2016, Ali’s healthy Tianmao medical and aesthetic business has developed rapidly for many years. In 2018, Tianmao Shuang11 ranked first in the growth rate of the industry. In 2019, the performance of Tianmao 618 increased 572% year-on-year. Behind the figures, a number of institutions also achieved rapid growth with the development of the platform.
The “Renewal Plan” at this conference is to replicate the methodology of past cooperation between Tianmao and the industry and create more successful cases for the industry.
The first step of the “Renewal Plan” is to “Renewal the Shops”, and the first step is to let the regular professional medical institutions all come to Tianmao to open their stores. Through flagship stores and other diversified forms of stores, to establish stores for institutions in the nearest Tianmao to consumers. For the organization, no matter the source of traffic, the category management of medical and aesthetic projects, and the data analysis of the transaction process will be clearly visible.
“Entrance Renewal” gives offline agencies “1 = N” access opportunities. Ali is a huge ecological system, in different fields and scenarios, built to meet the needs of different consumers of mobile applications. Medical cosmetology is a typical local service, which needs to attract precise consumers nearby. Once an organization enters Tmall, it can get multiple local entry traffic of Ali department, such as Alipay, word of mouth, etc., to help organizations connect the people in need nearby, and get through a huge consumer entry to get a flow of online and offline traffic.
“Super Explosion” is an attempt at “product renewal”. Ali Health has created a number of standardized medical and aesthetic products based on local traffic, transforming the dazzling service content of each institution in the industry into online “standard goods” for consumers to choose, consumers can first define “standard products” and then select institutions, a small change in decision-making links has reduced the elimination. Decision-making costs of consumers.
In addition, “Scene Renewal” in the “Two-American Linkage” is one of the highlights of this release of the Renewal Plan. In the future, Tianmao Medical Beauty will interact strongly with Tianmao cosmetics and personal care business, providing consumers with a set of beauty solutions. “Marketing Renewal” will open up the activities of Tianmao and Hand Tao to help institutions better meet the needs of consumers for beauty.
Wang Yajun, senior director of Ali Health Consumption Medical Services Department, concluded that the “Renewal Plan” released this time is to help the industry establish its own stores in Tianmao, so as to have its own user operating position, and grow with the development dividend of Tianmao Medical beauty in the future. “Next, we plan to incubate 100 institutional representatives with breakthroughs of tens of millions in Tianmao Medical Beauty, so that regular professional medical institutions in the industry will open their stores on Tianmao.”
Initiate and Establish the “Peaceful Beauty” Alliance
According to the data of China Plastic and Beauty Association in 2017, 70% of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin products sold in the domestic market are fake and waterborne. With the increasing market demand, consumers need more professional and reassuring medical and aesthetic products and services. It is urgent to establish a safe and standardized medical and aesthetic ecology through the joint supply side.
In this press conference, Ali Health announced the establishment of Tiancat Medical Beauty “peace of mind and beauty” alliance with famous medical institutions such as Aljian, Lint Medicine, Haohai Biology, Huaxi Biology, East China Medicine, Aimeike, Feyton, and medical practitioners, as well as Peng Ai, Bilensheng, Xishou, Yonghe and Jianlimeishiqin. Alliance, through medical information education, strict selection of preferred institutions, drug code-sweeping authenticity testing and other ways to help consumers to obtain better authentic service experience.
After consumers meet the demand for medical beauty, they will know the brand product and service plan of pharmaceutical companies ahead of time through the Tmall line. After making clear the plan, they will choose the authorized medical institutions according to geographic location information, consult online and place orders for the purchase of services, then use Taobao or Alipay to scan the products that are intended to be used, and experience the medical beauty of the whole traceability. Experience.
Wendi, Director of Digital and Consumer Marketing of Erjian, agrees with this model very much. “At present, upstream brands can also open brand flagship stores in Tianmao, directly facing consumers. On the one hand, the brand can educate consumers about medical knowledge ahead of time; on the other hand, through the formation of”alliances”, good medical institutions and institutions can be established. Upstream brand flagship stores can achieve product exclusive supply. It is an industry initiative to shorten the cost of propaganda of professional knowledge and reduce the harm to consumers caused by counterfeit goods. Up to now, Aljian, Lint Pharmaceutical and other brand pharmaceutical companies have carried out the above services on Tianmao platform.
“To provide users with a full-link medical and aesthetic security service experience, and to create an efficient digital operation platform for the organization, this is the intention of our action.” Shen Difan, Ali Health CEO, said.