People’s Network Game Age Tips Platform announced the second batch of products containing Tencent fun


On August 29, the second batch of 33 game products participating in age-appropriate tips was released on the People’s Network Platform for Game Age Tips. So far, a total of 54 products have been marked with the corresponding age-appropriate level.
The participating game products are: Tencent game “Saint Fighter Star Vector”, “Happy Fighting Landlord”, “Catching Demons Together”, “Free Fantasy”, “Elimination of Love Everyday”, “Wanderer Island”, “School Idol Sacrifice 2-Project Battle”, “Call of the Divine Land”, “Decisive War Mara Law”, “Snow Black Sun”, “Fate Songgie” and “Chao Chao” Lights of Prefectural Cities, Legends of Bright Warriors, Legends of Warm Blood, Hanging Down from Generation, Blood Clan, No Moon, Radiation: Shelter Single Edition, Radiation: Shelter Online, Dragon Valley Hand Tour, Legendary World Hand Tour, Legendary World 3D, Legendary Mobile Edition, Youth Network, Chronicle of Three Kingdoms, Power The game is approaching in the winter. In the middle of the tour, you can see “H5 of mortals flying immortals”, “Closing Dragon Warfare Period”, “Thunder Overlord Business”, “New Immortal Swordsman Legend”, “Swordsman Legend of Shushan Wartime”, “Miracle Warmth”, “Shining Warmth”, and “All Princess of the People” in the valley.
It is worth noting that Shenghui Game participates in a total of 18 products, covering almost all the games it is running. In addition, Zhongyou, Blue Harbor Online and Paper-Folding Network are new game enterprises joining the “Age-Suitable Game Tips Initiative”. So far, the number of game companies participating in People’s Network’s “Game Age Tips Initiative” has increased to 17.
On June 26, the People’s Network released the Draft Age Tips for Games, and launched the platform of “Age Tips for Games” on July 26. The platform is launched to show the latest revision of the Draft Game Age Tips, the enterprises participating in the Game Age Tips Initiative, the game situation marking the age tips, and the opinions and suggestions on the revision of the age tips from all walks of life. The launch of the platform not only symbolizes Renmin’s determination to further promote “age-appropriate tips for games”, but also represents the concrete practice of Renmin’s rich scene of “content science and technology”.
Sun Jiashan, director of the Center for Contemporary Literary Criticism of Ma Wen Institute of China Academy of Art, believes that the recent “wave of sand elimination” not only impels game companies to improve their R&D capabilities and innovate constantly, but also promotes the gradual improvement of the industrial chain layout throughout the industry. In this case, it is self-evident for the whole game industry to launch “age-appropriate tips for games” and establish an effective communication platform to create a better network environment for minors. Strengthening the network protection of minors and promoting the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of China’s game industry are becoming the consensus of the whole society.
Liu Menglin, lecturer of Beijing Normal University and director of China Association for Video Game Research, believes that games have a great impact on the new generation of young people, and play a great role in their understanding of the world, culture and peer social interaction. People’s Web Platform “Game Age Tips” provides a very important reference for parents and teachers, making it easier for people to select the most suitable games for teenagers’age and development stage, so that the game can escort the growth of teenagers. On the other hand, by launching the “Game Age Tips Initiative” and selecting the pilot games, the industry can be led and radiated. Game developers can further understand the different characteristics of games at different age stages based on existing examples, and make corresponding trade-offs in development. This platform also reflects a new attempt to explore game management based on local characteristics, which has unique significance both at home and abroad.
Next, the People’s Network will hold offline lectures in Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai and Chengdu to further promote the popularization of “age-appropriate tips for games”, expand the scope of influence, and launch a “age-appropriate tips for games” Wechat inquiry program to help minors and their guardians correctly select game products. These are just a microcosm of Renmin’s combination of content technology and business scenarios in the field of games. Along with other innovative businesses of People’s Network, “Content Science and Technology” has begun to cross the media field and constantly merge with new industries.
The full text of Game Age Tips Initiative is as follows:
People’s Network has issued the following proposals to the key enterprises and relevant organizations engaged in the research, development, operation and dissemination of games in the industry:
(1) Marking the prominent position of game products with “age-appropriate prompts” to build a protective net for minors;
(2) To disseminate the concept of age-appropriate cues for games, improve the standard of age-appropriate cues for games and consciously accept social supervision;
(3) Strictly abide by the relevant requirements of anti-addiction and identity authentication, and maintain market order;
(4) Actively innovate, expand the functions of game teaching and entertainment, and transform game instinct into creative power;
(5) To consciously produce high-quality games that conform to the mainstream values and create a harmonious and orderly industrial environment;
(6) Actively disseminate the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and tell good Chinese stories with excellent games.
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