Jiangsu Consumer Insurance Commission: Intelligent TV boots to watch advertisements involving infringement of consumers’rights and interests


Pengchao Journalist Chen Zhuo Correspondent Jin Haiyan
“Intelligent TV sells without informing the consumers of the start-up advertisement and the inability to shut down independently”, a survey conducted by Jiangsu Consumer Insurance Commission recently on the start-up advertisements of 10 smart TV brands, such as Skyworth and Hisense, drew the above conclusion.
In recent years, smart TV has been favored by consumers because of its own operating system, easy to install and uninstall all kinds of application software and other functions. However, at the same time, the commercial boot-up advertisement with TV has been implanted forcibly, for too long, unable to close, monotonous repetition of content and other issues affecting the viewing experience are also mostly criticized by users.
Through public data collection, consumer questionnaire survey and volunteer information collection, the Consumer Insurance Commission of Jiangsu Province investigated the start-up advertisements of 10 smart TV brands, including Skyworth, Hisense, Millet, Haier, Changhong, Sharp, Lexus, Samsung, LG and Sony.
The survey found that, except for Samsung, LG and Sony, there are no start-up advertisements yet, the other seven brands (Skyworth, Hisense, Millet, Haier, Changhong, Sharp, Lexus) have a widespread problem of start-up advertisements, and the length of time varies from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, most of which can not be closed.
Among them, Skyworth start-up advertisement 15 seconds, and can not be closed; Hisense 15 seconds, and can not be closed; Millet advertisement 15 seconds, the last 5 seconds can be closed; Haier 22 seconds, and can not be closed; Changhong 15 seconds, the last 5 seconds can be closed; Sharp 30 seconds, the last 10 seconds can be closed, but the prompt is not clear; Lexus 15 seconds, can not be closed.
According to the feedback from consumers on the problem of boot-up advertisement, only 10% of consumers were informed by the salesman before buying, and nearly half of the salesmen said that they found the boot-up advertisement only when they used it after buying.
According to the analysis of Jiangsu Consumer Insurance Commission, the operators’failure to inform the start-up advertisement, or to provide a key shutdown function, or to shut down independently infringes consumers’ right to know, to choose and to trade fairly.
The Commission said that the next step is to require TV manufacturers to regulate their behavior, such as not forcibly implanting boot-up advertisements without the consent of consumers, and to conduct interviews with enterprises that infringe advertising rights, without excluding legal channels such as public interest litigation when necessary, to resolutely safeguard the overall interests of consumers.