Google will stop running Hire Resource Centralized Cloud


Sina Technologies News Beijing time August 23 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Google will close its recruitment service Hire By Google, Google launched this product to help human resources staff simplify the process of finding candidates and communicating with candidates.
Google often stops running some of its online services, such as e-mail application Inbox and social media service Google +. But the most notable thing about stopping Hire By Google is that it has something to do with Diane Greene, a former Alphabet board member.
Hire originated from a startup called Bebop, whose founder and CEO was Green. In 2015, Google bought the company for $380 million. As part of the deal, Green joined Google and became head of Google’s cloud services. Google’s cloud services business includes G Suite, a cloud productivity application launched by Google to compete with Microsoft Office. In addition, Google Cloud Platform and other services competing with Amazon AWS are also part of Google’s cloud services business.
Under Greene’s leadership, Google’s cloud services grew, after Greene was co-founder and CEO of enterprise software company VMware. In 2018, Google announced that its cloud services generated more than $1 billion in revenue each quarter. In December last year, Google announced that Greene would step down and take over the position of Thomas Kurian, a longtime Oracle executive. Earlier this year, Green left Alphabet’s board of directors.
Last month, Google announced that its cloud services business had an annual revenue of more than $8 billion.
Google officially released Hire in 2017. Google’s website shows that companies such as Cloudera, Dandelion, Chocolate, Prosperworks and SADA Systems have become users of Hire, and the service has also been integrated into Google Calendar and Gmail services.
On Tuesday, the company informed Hire’s managers that the service would cease operation on September 1, 2020.
“Despite Hire’s success, we need to focus our resources on other products in the Google Cloud portfolio,” the company said.
Some employees said they felt very sad after seeing the statement. (Yueheng)