Nail announces that more than 200 million individual users, more than 10 million enterprise organizations


On the morning of August 27, Sina Technological News reported that at today’s future organizational meeting, Ali nailed CEO Chen Hang announced that the number of nailed individual users has exceeded 200 million, and the number of enterprise organizations has exceeded 10 million.
In his opening speech, Chen Hang released the latest data on nails. The number of stapled developers is 200,000, the number of enterprise applications is 300,000, the number of service enterprises is 5 million, and the excellent ISV business growth is 800%.
For ISV business, nail will also launch autumn real flow support plan, so that 100 excellent ISV to achieve the goal of GMV million months.
Chen also announced that more than 200 million registered users and 10 million business organizations have been stapled. Earlier, in December 2017, it was announced that the number of registered users had exceeded 100 million. That is to say, in less than two years, the number of nailed individual registered users has increased by 100 million.
He also compared the business service market between China and the United States. Most of the enterprises in the United States have realized informatization and digitization, and even have created a trillion-dollar business service company. Most of the Chinese enterprises are still in the paper office age.
He believes that nails are promoting the evolution of Chinese enterprises from the paper office era to the digital era through inclusive and advanced Internet technology and ideas.
Chen Hang once again emphasized the five online products that nails can bring: organization online, communication online, collaboration online, business online and eco-online. “Internet makes online possible, mobile Internet makes online normal, and 5G will make online the basis of existence.” He said. (Zhang Jun)